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Mnangagwa should remove the sanctions

28 Oct 2020 at 17:59hrs | Views
It is shocking and really surprising to learn that Emmerson Mnangagwa still blames his poor governance on sanctions.  These sanctions which he is blaming, can be easily removed by Mnangagwa himself.
Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government lack wisdom and will never change Zimbabwe for the better. He sits with his cabinet to track down on people who advocate for sanctions to remain. Zimbabweans are left with no choice but to support sanctions because the government has simple conditions to meet for these sanctions to go.

These sanctions can simply be removed by implementing rule of law, making political reforms and respecting human rights. A good and genuine democratic space,which gives all political parties an equal opportunity to campaign , is a simple but huge step towards true democracy. Unnecessary effort is put on killing and abducting those that they are meant to protect. Zimbabwe needs a proper government which is people orientated than the selfish and arrogant ruthless Zanu pf government.

It is surprising how Emmerson Mnangagwa would offer to help Nigeria on how to wipe off corruption yet he can not even take responsibility for his own corrupt government. The irony is after his offer to help Nigeria,  protesters in Nigeria are shot by the army in cold blood,  who else has done that besides Emmerson Mnangagwa ?  For as long as there are no political reforms,  sanctions should stay.
Zimbabwe needs better governance.
Charles Mararirakwenda.

Source - Charles Mararirakwenda
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