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Chief Charumbira finally confirms that 5th Brigade targeted Ndebeles only

30 Nov 2020 at 10:18hrs | Views
"We have heard lies being thrown around in the media. They are saying we have been captured to white-wash the gukurahundi reburial. Well let me make it clear that is not the case. Only Chiefs from Matabeleland and Midlands provinces who have their people affected by Gukurahundi will partake in the program", Charumbira said.

"The position is that chiefs in whose area there are graves and there is need for reburials then those will take part in those programs", he continued.

In the above statement Chief Charumbira has confirmed what MLO and all Matabeles already know that the Zimbabwe National  Army 5th Brigade targeted only  Matabeles during Matabeleland genocide.

The statement also affirms that the people of Mashonaland aka Hutu and their chiefs are not in one way or another affected or bothered by the death of Matabeles killed by the government of Zimbabwe. And that Matabeleland, which includes Midlands, is a separate entity from Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland.

We urge all Matabeleland chiefs to realise that Matabeleland genocide is a not a cultural matter. No chief or traditional leader in Matabeleland was involved let alone consulted prior to the deployment of the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade  to murder more than 40 000 innocent unarmed Matabeles, rape more than 100 000 women including children, burn down more than 100 000 Matabele homes, maim more than 300 000 Matabeles and displace more than 1 million Matabele people into foreign countries.

The fact that the ZANUPF led government of Zimbabwe, motivated by tribal hatred for Matabeles, conspired against the people of Matabeleland and deployed Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade in Matabeleland with the intention of wiping out the entire Matabele nation points to the fact that Matabeleland genocide is a political matter that needs political solution.

We therefore advice all Matabeleland chiefs to guard against being used by the enemies of Matabele nation to violet the rights of dead and living Matabeles through the so called "gukurahundi exhumations and reburials". Please keep your hands clean of the blood of your people. If a snake strikes and kills thousands of the people that you lead and you as a leader of the community assist it to vanish unpunished, it will come back to strike again and then the leader of the community will become an irresponsible and the most useless of the useless.

We would like to dismiss with the contempt it deserves, the shameless lie that Emmerson Mnangagwa opened the debate for Matabeleland genocide. It is the people of Matabeleland who started the debate not the heartless genocidist Mnangagwa. Besides being the main strategist in Matabeleland genocide, he is on record calling the people of Matabeleland cockroaches that needed to be annihilated using pesticide. He refuses to apologise or retract his hate speech to date.

When Matabeles escalated the Matabeleland genocide early 2000, Mnangagwa tried to use his 'genocidist ugly face' to intimidate them by saying "gukurahundi was a closed chapter". The people of Matabeleland could not be cowed into submission and the voices calling for Matabeleland genocide justice grew louder.

In 2017 when he took over political power in Zimbabwe ridding on the back of a coup, he was quoted by the media as saying, " bygones should be bygones". And again his genocide history and recently acquired political power could not intimidate the  angry people of Matabeleland. Thus, the voices calling for justice concerning Matabeleland genocide grew more louder and deafening. Obviously this left the murderer with no choice but change his tactic.

Reading in between the lines it is not too hard to see that Mnangagwa as the main Matabeleland genocide strategist and perpetrator, is not interested in solving the issue. He is aware that genocide is a serious crime against humanity which could earn him a free air ticket to the International
Criminal Court (ICC).

He is aware as it is, that the issue of Matabeleland genocide has successfully divided Zimbabwe into two states ie The Republic of Matabeleland and Mashonaland aka Zimbabwe. It has also caused irreconcilable animosity between the two nations, Matabele and Shona people aka Hutu.

This and other injustices faced by Matabeles in Zimbabwe like tribal oppression have compelled MLO through President Cde Paul Siwela to serve the Zimbabwe government with a Notice of Demand For The Restoration of The State of Matabeleland and demand of US$100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide.

As cold hearted as he is, Mnangagwa has no intention of solving Matabeleland genocide but his main aim is to get rid of Matabeleland genocide evidence by digging up a few shallow graves and silence the voices calling for justice and freedom in Matabeleland that obviously irritate and give him sleepless nights.

This he will do with the assistance of unsuspecting Matabele chiefs and many other sellouts  like Jenny Williams who is ready pencil and paper to white -wash Matabeleland genocide.

Before we know it a new law that will ban speaking about Matabeleland genocide in public will be passed. Then it will be mission accomplished for Emmerson Mnangagwa because that is his main intention.

That is why MLO does not recognise the government of Zimbabwe and its constitution. We do not recognise the oppressor' s laws that are meant to suppress us. We say the perpetrator cannot be the police, prosecutor, lawyer and judge in a case of genocide that he committed.

To us the so called exhumation and reburial of Matabeleland genocide victims sponsored by the government of Zimbabwe, the same government that sponsored their killing,  is a null and void process. It is like child' s play. We will never recognise it's results. As a matter of fact we take it as disrespect of the rights of both the living and the dead Matabele people.

We solidly stand by our two demands ie The Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland
State served to the government of Zimbabwe in 2015 and the follow up letters thereof and the demand of US$ 100 billion as reparations for Matabeleland genocide.

The US$ 100 billion would be carried over to the next government. Whether it is MDC A, MDC T, MDC Monkey or MDC Baboon in power they would have to pay.

All the Shona controlled opposition parties are very much aware that Mnangagwa is doing the wrong thing but they support him through silence, are they not aware that should they take over political power in Zimbabwe they will also inherit the dept, tribal hatred and political chaos caused by Matabeleland genocide?

The above is non negotiable and we would like to put it categorically clear that anything less would leave us without any option but to take up arms to defend the rights of the dead and living Matabeles.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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