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Pfizer, aided by British govt trying to manipulate Zimbabwe over COVID-19 vaccine?

17 Jan 2021 at 16:50hrs | Views
Photo: AFP
Pfizer, aided by British GVT via @HMAMelanieR is trying to manipulate Zimbabwean GVT over #COVID19 vaccines:

Nobody knows long term impact of mRNA vaccines. So they want indemnity from all future liability & lawsuits.

Our people must know & discuss.

To sweeten the deal, @pfizer aided by the British, is offering to "donate" 20% of the vaccines. BUT GVT must pay for 80%, regardless of the drug's performance. The payment must continue even if better vaccines come along the way.

Kusungirira mari pagumbo rengwe.

Lastly, Pfizer wants to be an exclusive supplier of the vaccine. The demand is that shld Zimbabwe switch to a rival vaccine, the donated 20% promptly becomes due & payable. It means it wasn't a donation in the first place. This sticks Zimbabwe to experimental mRNA vaccines.

Here is the BIG problem: Norway has already raised alarm over people dying from the Pfizer vaccine.

The deal Pfizer wants is they won't be held accountable should bad things happen to our people who get the vaccine.

See the Norway story here:

Just so you know, Pfizer & Mordena vaccines, unlike the other vaccines from other companies, are based on new science based mRNA. It goes to the root of your genes. Not even Pfizer can tell you the impact of such a vaccine 10-15 years from now. It's unknown.

It's possible that Pfizer is having similar discussions with other African governments. The discussions are manipulative.

What is at issue is the British GVT's role in this manipulation.

It boggles the mind that the British are not pushing the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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