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Kembo Mohadi presidential ambitions thwarted, we saw it coming!

26 Feb 2021 at 13:38hrs | Views
In more than one article we told over ambitious Kembo Mohadi that he will never be the President of Zimbabwe given his Matabele background. We told him not to fly to high because his wings were fake, made of wax and feathers, but out of ignorance and hubris he flew too high and too close to the sun. When the wax melted the fall was spectacular.

No matter how huge the amount of bread crumbs that fall from your master's tables in Harare, do not turn against your own people (Matabele). The 2nd Vice President and the most junior in the Zimbabwe presidium, Kembo Mohadi, should have known. But when he was still the darling of the Shona supremacist government, he fell into the same trap that caught Enos Nkala, he turned against his own Matabele people.

He is on record saying that Matabele people must forget about the 1980- 1987 Matabele genocide and further justified it (the genocide) saying it was necessary for nation building. These were the most treacherous and traitorous words to come from a leader let alone Matabele person.

Like Enos Nkala, he forgot that a Ndebele in Zanupf is like a goat amongst jackals and that Matabeleland is his constituency which, no matter how appetising the bread crumbs that fall from the tables in Harare, he must never, never insult.

Unfortunately that is the costly blunder that he made, actually, it is a mistake that most Matabele leaders who find themselves holding some sort of high position in Harare always make. Impressing the masters at the expense of the people of Matabeleland seems irresistible to them.

The office of the president in Zimbabwe has been used as a love nest since 1980. First to defile it was the first President of Zimbabwe, late Robert Mugabe. Beside being married to late, Sally Mugabe, he was having a promiscuous affair with his aide, Grace Mugabe nee Marufu.

The immoral relationship that started in 1987 produced two children, Bona and Robert Junior, out of wedlock and this happened when Grace was still married to Air Force Pilot, Stanley Goreraza.

Just because Mugabe was Shona, he  respected and worked for his Shona constituents, no one called for his resignation, instead he was congratulated and his wedding with his former side chick, Grace Marufu in 1996 was the most attended event in Mashonaland.

Enter Mnangagwa and his so called second Republic. He was caught pants down by his wife Auxillia Mnangagwa in the maize field entertaining a young Midlands State University student at their Kwekwe farm. The incident was not short of drama as Auxillia chased him through the maize field and he ran like terrified teenager.

According to Prof Jonathan Moyo, Mnangagwa has 41 children with different mothers both young and old. Here is another Zimbabwean leader soiling the  office of the president. Did the people of Mashonaland call for his resignation? Not at all because Mashonaland forms his political base. Instead, he was praised for outfoxing and outrunning his wife in the maize field.

VP Chiwenga's first wife  Jocelyn Jacobsen (née Mauchaza) was snatched from a white man while  the second wife, Marry Mubaiwa, was taken from popular soccer star Shingi Kaondera. In 2011 Chiwenga married Marry Chiwenga while he was married to Jocelyne. Divorce papers to break Merry's relationship with Kaondera were forged.

Beside Chiwenga being a marriage wrecker of note, no one has demanded that he resigns. His supporters in Mashonaland protect him.

In the church, the Archbishop of Harare Patrick Chakaipa despite being sworn to celibacy, he left 7 Children when he died. But for having an affair with one woman, Pious Ncube  from Matabeleland was forced to resign based on tribal grounds.

MLO does not condone immorality and promiscuity that has been happening in the Presidium since Zimbabwe independence. But we condemn in the strongest terms, Matabele leaders who are into politics of the stomach. They lead the innocent Matabele people to the slaughter house (Zimbabwe) yet we know that they do not have political stamina to even save themselves when they are under attack by Shona supremacists and their multitudes of supporters.

Look at disgraced Kembo Mohadi, just have a look at him! His career hangs in the balance. He is not crying out to Matabele people to save him because they do not support him and his Zimbabwe project as punishment for insulting them. He is desperately asking for help from Mnangagwa and indeed his political fate will be decided by him who was chased by his wife through the maize fields when he was caught with a young university student in a compromising position. Him who has 41 children with different women will "fire" him. What a shame!

Is Emmerson Mnangagwa not the President of Zimbabwe? Is  Constantino Chiwenga not the 1st Vice President of Zimbabwe? Is Kembo Mohadi not the 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe and the most Junior in the Presidium? If the answer is yes then why is Zimbabwe calling for the most junior in the office to resign for committing the same "offence" that his seniors have committed? Is it alright for the two, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga, to defile the office of the president because they are Shona, but a dismissible offence for Kembo Mohadi to do the same because he is a Matabele, an unwanted refugee, extra or dviziti?

It is our prayer and wish that all Matabele people understand the meaning of the message above as clear as it is. The message that you are not a Zimbabwean, you must not hold any meaningful position  and that, you and your other generations to come have no place nor future in Zimbabwe.

However, there is a new hope in the new Republic of Matabeleland for all Matabele people. We make a clarion call to all able bodied young men and women to join MLO in the fight for the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland, to restore our lost independence and sovereignty, to restore our lost culture, our identity, our dignity, our humanity and pride.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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