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Kembo Mohadi removal was necessary for 'nation building'

29 Apr 2021 at 07:12hrs | Views
Since Kembo Mohadi is on record saying Matabeleland genocide was necessary for nation-building, we also put it on record that his sacking by Mnangagwa following his sexual romps was good for nation building even though he (President Mnangagwa) and 1st Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga are doing the same thing at a double scale than him. That is how Shona supremacists build a nation. We will never shed a single drop of tear for Kembo Mohadi.

We saw him at an Independence Day function held at Zimbabwe State House. He spent the whole day trying to cover his shameful face with a newspaper pretending to be reading. We say to him, follow on the foot steps of another sellout, Enos Nkala, who after discovering that Shona supremacists were using him, he resigned and left Zanupf, retreated back to Bulawayo to live amongst the people that he despised and sold out during Matabeleland genocide.

He was immediately forgotten by his Shona masters. They used and dumped him like a condom when his purpose was over.

Due to love of money Kembo Mohadi will rather hang in there and face more humiliation as long as bread crumbs are still falling from the master's table. How can a whole individual in his right state of mind choose to exchange his dignity and image for a few pieces of silver? What a shame!

2nd Vice President A Dummy And Useless Office

While it took Mugabe a short 3 days to replace Joyce Mujuru when she was fired from her position as 1st Vice President of Zimbabwe in 2014, Mnangagwa is yet to fill the position of 2nd Vice President 2 months after Kembo Mohadi resigned. This confirms what MLO has been saying all along that the 2nd Vice President position is a dummy meant to hoodwink Matabeles and the world that Matabele and Shona people are united.

People of Matabeleland have since realised that this office is not a symbol of unity as the Shona supremacists would like us to believe. But it is a symbol of oppression, capture,mockery, tribal segregation, dehumanisation, demonization, and humiliation for Matabeles.

If Zimbabwe was a true democratic and genuine representative of both Matebeles and Shonas and the 2nd Vice President represented Matabeles in the Zimbabwe presidium, people of Matabeleland would be up in arms right now holding protests and calling for Mnangagwa to fill up the position left vacant by Kembo Mohadi.

But there is silence both in Matabeleland and Mashonaland concerning the issue. No one from both sides misses Mohadi because both Matabele and Shona people know that he represented no one except his greedy self and family. In fact Shonas are celebrating the humiliation and down fall of another Matabele and Matabeles are celebrating the fall of another dangerous traitor.

We see energetic young people staging protests in Matabeleland and foreign countries, not calling for Mnangagwa to appoint another blind fool to take up the useless position of 2nd Vice President, but demanding the restoration of Matabeleland state.

Matabeleland Is Not Zimbabwe

Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. For the Zimbabwe government to continue pretending that Zimbabwe is a unitary state with Matabeleland as one of its regions at a time when we are demanding our independence from Zimbabwe is a clear political rape case and fantasy.

Matabeleland and Mashonaland were colonised on different dates using different methods by the BSA Company.

On 13 September Shona people led by many different chiefs, donated their country, Mashonaland, to the BSA Company. The white people were so excited with their priced gift that they mistook cowardice and lack of patriotism to peacefulness. Therefore Shona people were viewed as peaceful and cooperative .

We do not think the British and Rhodesians still hold the same view after Matabeleland genocide, violent grabbing of white farms and properties, gross human rights abuse that include torture, cutting hands and burning the buttocks of their own people with plastic, military coup and brazen corruption by the Shona supremacist government which they ably assisted to take political power in 1980.

Matabeleland was occupied through conquest on 3 November 1893 after a fierce war well known as the 1st Anglo - Matabele war.

Our cultures and languages are different. Shona people do not have a king but Matabele people have one. Stealing, corruption and witch craft form the DNA and culture of Shona people. This was confirmed and well articulated by late Herbert Ushewokunze former Minister of Home Affairs, late Kumbirai Kangai former Minister of Agriculture and Zanupf member of parliament, Killer Zivhu, who are on record saying that corruption and stealing is part of Shona culture and that stealing from the government or organization is self empowerment.

In Matabeleland the above is a forbidden societal abomination that should not be allowed to prevail.

Give Us Matabeleland or Death

Matabeleland is our motherland, the only special possession bequeathed to us by our ancestors and God. We shall leave no stone unturned, no mountain or building standing in pursuit of our independence.

If the situation demands, we are prepared to take up arms of war and shoot our way to independence. The means justifies the end!

It is not a crime to take up AKs and fight for our independence, if that was the case, all African countries including Zimbabwe would be still under white colonisation by now.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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