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Recipients of govt/ZANU PF handouts must still punish ruling elite during elections as they're the authors of our suffering

19 May 2021 at 09:13hrs | Views
Whilst it is undeniably exciting, and quite frankly a huge relief, receiving much needed assistance in a time of great need and desperation - nonetheless, when that aid comes from the people who authored your misery, to begin with, then one should seriously evaluate their response.

In fact, I would similarly be exceedingly exhilarated if, in my darkest hour of financial and material want, I were to receive the much-required help even from the government of Zimbabwe, or the ruling ZANU PF party, or any of their appendages.

However, no matter how grateful I may be, when election time comes, it will be a very different story altogether, since I will always remember who caused my suffering and impoverishment, that forced me to seek help, in the first place - and, the surest way for me to gurantee that I am never found in a similar place of desperation again in the future, is the ensure that the root cause is removed.

I am sure we have all heard of the "fire-fighting arsonist"! That is exactly how I would characterize any aid from the government, or the ruling ZANU PF party.

Whenever I watch those self-satisfied people on television, busily dolling out handouts to the less advantaged and impoverished, the first thought that always comes into my mind is, "Why are you so smug, whilst also patting yourselves on your backs? Are you not the same culprits who caused these people's sorrowful misery? Was your rampant corruption, as you loot our vast national resources for your own opulent lifestyles, as well as mismanagement and incompetence, through inapt economic policies, the reason why these people can't adequately fend for themselves, and end up needing help?"

If I were in the government, or ruling party (for some extremely strange and inexplicable reason) and found myself being amongst the entourage of donors, the first thing I would do before handing over any aid, would be to issue a genuine and heartfelt apology for being one of the authors of their suffering and impoverishment.

That is the least these government and ZANU PF people can do, as those they give handouts to are not their beneficiaries, but actually their victims.

That is the absolute truth that all those who queue up to receive anything from the government and ruling party should always remember - amidst their ecstatic jubilation and ululations.

In a normal, well managed, and properly governed country, even some of poorest people own at least one car - no wonder some homeless folk in the United States of America (US), no matter how unjust and unequal the system is, actually live in their motor vehicles.

There can never be a completely prosperous and equal society, but the situation in Zimbabwe is on another level - since, the poverty and suffering is a test case of a failed state.

Honestly, how can we have a country whereby even its school teachers and hospital nurses can not even afford public transport fares to travel to and fro work every day - let alone, purchasing their own cars - and, are forced by circumstances to attend work on only two or three days per week?

No normal country should have over half the population living on the verge of starvation, or failing to buy medications, or can not fend for their children, or pay their school fees...or, those in farming needing free inputs, or those in business having to go to the country's central bank for foreign currency.

Yes, the poor we will always have - but, this is clearly outrageous and shameful - which should serve as a severe indictment on this ruinous administration.

It is time that this "more than half the population" realized who is behind their calamity, and ensure that they make the right decision when their own opportunity to choose their next leaders comes, at election time.

Indeed, jubilate when you receive aid from the ruling establishment, in your hour of need. Indeed, always be grateful, as a thankful heart is a godly heart.

However, never forget who turned you into a pauper and a beggar, in the first place.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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