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Douglas Mwonzora a rolling stone gathering no moss

08 Jun 2021 at 17:12hrs | Views
He seized Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi House with the help of the army, recalled members of parliament who contested in 2018 and now wants to abandon the once Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T and use MDC-ALLIANCE as his contesting party in 2023 harmonized election.

The man is struggling to start his own things. His masters still have the insatiable appetite to decimate the people's struggle. This is an act of desperation.

Is this the politics of rational disputation which is being exhibited and paraded by Mr Mwonzora?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. At one time the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation once flighted an advert on behalf of Cold Storage Commission of a bull called Samson which had the best beef in the country and that it could speak for itself.

So Mwonzora should not waste his energy and time by forcing himself on to the people. Let his works do the talking.

Nelson Chamisa in this scenario is a role model resonating well with the young people in Zimbabwe including the older people. He is the current leader who is in sync with modern political trends and dynamics.

Very soon Mwonzora will claim that Chamisa belongs to MDC T. The man is not sellable.

Mr Douglas Mwonzora must be reminded that it is not the name which attracts votes but the brand of the leadership contesting.

Gone are the days when people used to follow a name of the political party for example Zanu PF, ZUM or Zapu. Mwonzora's aim is to confuse the electorate and to split votes in favour of Zanu PF but only a handful will fall into that trap. The people are very much aware of the leaders and the party which they want to see in power.

If Douglas Mwonzora is a genuine opposition leader, he should be seen reviving the defunct MDC-T. It looks like the party leadership is running out of steam and losing grip as we approach the harmonized elections in 2023.

Mwonzora's political career is waning and fading like geisha soap.

The Opposition is fighting another  opposition and expecting to win votes. This is the right time to send his political career packing right into oblivion and political quagmire. People are patiently waiting for him in the ballot box not at Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi House along Nelson Mandela Harare.

The name itself has no power but the power lies within the people. The support is pivoted in the people not the name.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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