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'Your vote matters!' Yes, but only when elections are free just as water only flows downhill

04 Feb 2022 at 15:04hrs | Views
"Zanu PF's steals Elections via assisted voters and stuffing ballot papers in rural areas with no agents. We know it, Zanu PF can be beaten with a huge turnout, polling agents deployment and a clean voters roll.

Your vote matters, go register & refuse to play into their tactics
Remember this well; Zanu PF does not have the expertise to rig and never fall for that ever! Go register to vote and see how your vote will make the difference in our nation.

Let us know if you need assistance in locating the nearest registration centre," Team Pachedu said in a statement.
This is the same dawn chorus the people have heard for the last 42 years coming from the mentally challenged aided and abetted by Zanu PF agents. Team Pachedu know MDC garnered 73% of the vote in the March 2008 vote but still failed to get into power. Their naïve and idiotic "Your vote matters!" slogan does not explain what happened then!

Clearly no one in Team Pachedu has ever heard about the 2008 to 2013 GNU was about implementing the democratic reforms to stop a repeat of the blatant cheating and wanton violence of the 2008 elections. Even now over ten years since the GNU with the benefit of hindsight these idiots still think they can win rigged elections.  
Yes, "Your vote matters!" but only when the elections are free, fair and credible! Detail matters; water flows but only downhill!

Phase 1: 1980 to late 1990s Zimbabweans did not want to believe Mugabe and Zanu PF were corrupt incompetent and murderous thugs who were rigging elections to stay in power.

Phase 2: late 1990s to 2013 the people accepted the reality that Zanu PF was a party of thugs and to remove them from office, the country would need to implement democratic changes to stop the vote rigging. The people risked life and limb to elect Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends to implement the reforms. After 22 years, 5 of which in the GNU MDC has failed to implement even one token democratic reform.

Phase 3: 2013 to present MDC has participated in elections since 2013 knowing fully well that without reforms Zanu PF would rig the elections and that their participating will give legitimacy to Zanu PF. Zanu PF bribed the opposition to participate by offering a few gravy train seats and Mnangagwa has since increased to bribe by creating POLAD, a body created to reward losers in the presidential race. MDC leaders could not deny Zanu PF was rigging elections and yet could not admit to the voters they are participating in the flawed elections out of greed, naturally. And so they have come up with all manner of "winning in rigged elections strategies"; all hot air, of course. The ordinary people are desperate for meaningful political change and in their desperation have participated in the flawed elections and thus help perpetuate the Zanu PF dictatorship and their suffering!

Phase 4: (not too distant) future There are a few Zimbabweans who have accepted as a matter of historic fact that the 2008 to 2013 GNU was the country's golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms and blame MDC leaders for selling out, not SADC as MDC leaders do. They have rejected the insanity of participating in flawed elections and the oxymoronic notion of winning rigged elections. The fight is on to wake up the populous to the political reality and get the international community, especially SADC, to create another opportunity to implement the reforms and end the curse of rigged elections. The danger of the country sliding into the chaos of violent street protests and/or another military coup is real and hence the urgency of making sure phase 4 gains traction a.s.a.p.

Team Pachedu's foolish "Your vote matters!" slogan is ill-advised good intention, at best. We know the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

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