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The so-called main opposition is the instigator of voter apathy in so many ways

16 Feb 2022 at 13:05hrs | Views
As the by-elections get closer and even the 2023 plebiscite gets nearer people ask, to participate or not to.
Nelson Chamisa and his new branded party should blame neither ZEC nor unseen forces for the elections they want to participate. Day in day out there are accusations directed towards ZEC which confuses the young voters.

The big question is why walk into an election which you claim will not be fair?

Then one reads further and you come across statements from CCC leadership promising to win the elections as they have found ways to beat the rigging system.
Young voters don't know much, you inform them but if you indicate right then turn left you throw confusion into the arena.

One goes to war totally prepared for your opponent is also determined to win, Zanu pf has been in power and intends to stay . This means when you boldly say you are winning and in the event you lose you say to your supporters, "we told you so.."

It is not everyone who supports the opposition, a narrative you have given portraying urbanites as your supporters while labelling those in the rural areas as Zanu PF. There are people, who up to now, don't understand your political ideology or doctrine apart from saying Zanu pf must leave power.

While corruption has become entranched in many public institutions and other sectors of the economy some will bag to differ. Look at local authorities fully run by the opposition and one sees the clear picture, parcelling of stands later sold at exorbitant prices, councillors opening flea markets in urban setups which they rent out, the list goes on and on few days of trickling water yet high bills.

Just as a flashback, while in the Government of national unity, GNU, MDC T never implemented any single electoral reform as they enjoyed the trappings of power.

The social media while good must not be used to give impression you walking into State house in 2023.
As it is ,traveling around the country in urban areas one has to navigate the roads to avoid potholes which resemble earth craters while at same time avoiding to bump into another vehicle .This is thanks to local authorities run by opposition which finds a scapegoat in Zanu pf but devolution funds are now there but like cry babes the cry gets louder.

Show people what you intend to do once in power not spend time in chronicling the errors of Zanu pf.

Source - AT Kadada
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