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Government is right on not adopting American dollar as major currency

09 Jun 2022 at 10:27hrs | Views
Calls on government to do away with our own currency, the Zimbabwe dollar/bond, should be ignored by the ED led government.

Taking a look back at our neighbours, notably Zambia and Mozambique, they never discarded their currencies , the former using kwacha while the latter stuck on to their meticals. One can go further as far as Germany whose currency at one time was considered useless but they stuck to it. What is so different that one hears calls from  the opposition and so called renowned economists that the American dollar should be our major currency .

When Zimbabwe made the folly of adopting the American dollar prices never stabilized, school fees , rates went ridiculously higher while in local authorities they gave themselves salaries not even matched in nations with good economies.

The calls are from few individuals with their selfish agendas purporting to represent people.With
salaries pegged in American dollars sojourns into neighbouring countries became common as they went on shopping sprees for useless trinkets.

It is not as if no one is not handling hard currency, if one goes into villages and the American dollars are awash with people so who is crying over high prices pegged with the Zimbabwe dollar?

Government should never remove the Zimbabwe dollar, a country has to have its own currency, this is the pride of a nation.

Those hungrier for the American dollar should not try to fool the ordinary people that with the American dollar the economy will change . The economy can change due to a myriad of policies not adoption of other countries currencies as your own .

Source - AT Kadada
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