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Karangas crush Zezuru-Korekore Alliance again

19 Aug 2023 at 17:17hrs | Views
To Zezurus, politics of tribalism has become the Frankenstein's monster that destroys its own creator. Unless Zezurus find allies outside their small Zezuru- Korekore clan, it may take many years if not forever, for them to taste political power again in Zimbabwe. Even if Kasukuwere invites Constantino Chiwenga and Joice Mujuru for tea, nothing would materialise. Running from one court to another will not assist. The one who controlls the levers of power manipulates the judiciary to win the law fare.

It took a Zezuru political novice, Constantine Chiwenga, who acted on emotions than brains, to seize political power from a fellow Zezuru Robert Mugabe, through a military coup and handed it over to Emmerson Mnangagwa (Karanga) on a silver platter. Now, Chiwenga's "bhora msango" has backfired on him and other Zezurus.

Believe it or not, Karangas are still thanking the generous 'Father Christmas' Aka Constantino Chiwenga for violently taking sweat political power from his fellow Zezurus and handing it over to them for free. They will cling to the livers of power until the Lord Jesus comes back.

The Zezurus are being paid out with their own coin and they are up in arms. For the first time after 43 years of Zimbabwe independence their leaders have come out to denounce tribalism, corruption and theft. All of a sudden after losing political power the Zezuru-Korekore alliance that used to deny the existence of the above grievances are now crying foul. They are now feeling the pain of tribal discrimination. What about Matabeles who have lived with the pain of a genocide that wiped out more than 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians and tribal oppression for over 40 years now? The Zimbabwe Shona supremacist government rubbing salt into the wound everyday by denying the existence of tribalism genocide in Matabeleland? Now that they know that being killed and discriminated on tribal basis is painful. They must accept that calls for Matabeleland breakaway are justified.

The triumphant Karanga are busy enjoying the sweatness of power to pay attention to a "cry baby" Zezuru. Their political godfather Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa, otherwise known as the "Crocodile" has earned another nickname, "Honey Pot". Thieves4#ED congregate around the Honey Pot to taste the stolen resources. Bayakhotha, bayancida uluju. Kudela owaziyo ukuthi kuyophelelaphi.

Karangas led by Mnangagwa have replaced the notorious and cruel Zezuru unconquerable grouping with another corrupt, tribalistic and brutal Karanga group to maintain the status quo. No political lesson learnt on their side.

At a broader aspect, tribalism is to blame for Matabeleland genocide, Matabele political, economic and social marginalization. The magnitude of the above grievances have driven Matabeles to demand for Matabeleland to break away from Zimbabwe to restore the statehood of Matabeleland that would join the family of nations as The Republic of Matabeleland.

To this effect, the President of MLO Cde Paul Siwela has served the government of Zimbabwe with the Notice of Demand for Restoration of Matabeleland State. The President of Zimbabwe Mr Mnangagwa has recognised the demand exactly the same way a bully who is cornered would react. He threatened to kill us if we continue calling for the restoration of Matabeleland.

Nkomoists within ZANU pf currently have their eyes fixed on the crumbs that fall from tables of their masters in Harare to notice anything on the political playing field. This group of old people of not more than 15, whose ages are in the wrong side of 70 are not even aware that Kembo Mohadi could be the last 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe from Matabeleland. They are not aware that due to fast-changing political dynamics in Matabeleland and Zimbabwe, they have lost political value and reference within ZANUpf.

The emergence Matabeleland Liberation Organisation that campaigns for the breakaway of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe and the growth of CCC to the status of main opposition in Zimbabwe means that the Unit Accord would be signed between a Shona-led opposition party, probably CCC and ZANUpf. The ZAPU old men and women within ZANUpf must wake up and smell the coffee. They have passed their sell-by date. Positions and ministries that used to be reserved for ZAPU are being taken bit by bit i.e Vice Presidency, Home Affairs and Chairmanship just to mention a few. Come on Madalas, the political scam called the Unity Accord that you hold on to so dearly has died a natural death!

Tribalism is a big hammer that is surely destroying Zimbabwe. The world must pay much attention to Matabeleland where angry Matabeles are advocating for the breakaway of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe. Do not be misled by temporary peace that seems to be prevailing on the surface. A lot of agitation is happening underneath. The Notice of Demand For the Restoration of Matabeleland State sent to the President of Zimbabwe is not a bunch of roses to decorate his office. It is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Since the death of former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, who was a glue that kept the Shonas together, Zimbabwe has become another Somalia without a central figure as MLO President Cde Paul Siwela accurately predicted. Many Shona groups, Generation 40 (Zezuru- Korekore alliance) Weavils and Lacoste (Karanga), have emerged. The fierce war is about which Shona tribe should grab power, control and steal state resources. Shona people have a DNA of corruption, stealing and witch-craft. No Shona in the opposition or ruling party will ever fix Zimbabwe.

No Shona is worried about developing the country. His eyes are fixed on the country's resources to pillage, plunder and empower his own family, friends and tribes men. He is a family man or clansmens man by nature. A country is too vast for him to manage. Worse more Zimbabwe which is a binary state.

Izenzo kungemazwi!
Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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