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Shona youth that attack Matabele possessed by the demon of gukurahundi

11 Mar 2024 at 19:53hrs | Views
Shona youth that drive all the way from Mashonaland to Matabeleland armed with machetes and fire arms to invade Matabeleland and violently attack and kill innocent Matabeles, grab their land and resources are driven by the demon of gukurahundi, tribal hatred and intolerance of Matabele people.

The silence of the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe in the face of these numerous and widely reported acts of violence against Matabele people by Shona youth disguised as Mashurugwi speaks volumes about the anti- Matabele government that once deployed the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade, Youth Brigade and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to Matabeleland to commit genocide. 

It is our testimony that during the genocide, over 40 000 innocent unarmed Matabele civilians were dastardly slaughtered, over 100 000 Matabele women rapped, over 100 000 Matabele homes burnt down and over 300 000 Matabeles maimed and many died later due to internal injuries as hospitals were banned from treating Matabele genocide victims. 

Such incidents of violence and wanton spilling of innocent Matabele blood given the nod by the government of Zimbabwe through deafening silence and inaction rubs salt into the gaping wound of Matabele genocide. We will never forget Matabele genocide nor forgive the perpetrators.

Had it been Matabele youth that invaded Mashonaland to beat up and kill the Shona people, the pro- Shona government of Zimbabwe would have sent in the Zimbabwe National Army- ZNA, Central Intelligence Organisation-  CIO and the Zimbabwe Republic Police- ZRP armed to the teeth, under the command to shoot and kill all Matabeles involved in such activities. The President of Zimbabwe, Minister of Defence and the Minister of Home Affairs would have issued stern Joint statements denouncing the action in solidarity with Shona people. The Shona youth and Shona civilians would have been allowed to beat up and kill any Matabele in Mashonaland. Such is tribal hate and tribal intolerance against Matabele people in Zimbabwe. 

We want to warn the anti- Matabele government of Zimbabwe that while you allow the Shona youth to freely slaughter Matabeles and celebrate the success of the inventions behind closed doors, do not be surprised when the very acts of violence trigger the unstoppable and devarstating Matabeleland revolution in future. A farmer who lights matches in the dry grass knows the consequences. To believe that Matabeles will keep on counting dead bodies, burying their innocent relatives killed by Shonas and continue nursing the injured without coming up with a permanent solution is foolhardiness.

This is the day that all Matabeles are praying for. The day when Matabeles will be given an opportunity by MLO to demonstrate that they are not cowards. The day that all Zimbabweans (Shona people) and the world will know that Matabeles no longer want to be treated like Shona slaves in Zimbabwe. The day when everybody will know that Matabeles have had enough and want out of Zimbabwe the land of genocide, of tribal oppression, of tribal hate, of political crisis, of economic failure, of coups, of nepotism, of the greedy, of violence, of those who have the DNA of corruption, theft and witch craft. 

On 13 October 2018 The Zimeye reported that on 8 September 2018 a group from Mashonaland known as Mashurugwi armed with machetes and axes invaded Vova Mine Matabeleland South Province, attacked and brutally  killed Ndodana Ncube and severely injured 5 others. 
On December 5 2019, Nehanda Radio reported that 50 Mashurugwi armed with machetes and axes invaded Inyathi in Bubi District, Matabeleland North, they attacked Matabeles, killed one and seriously injured two others 

On 29 July 2020 10 members of Mashurugwi invaded Mbembesi and started digging for gold in Matabele homesteads, grave sites and underneath the road networks. They even dug near Chief Ndondo' s homestead. 

Right now as you read this article, the same machete wielding murderers from Mashonaland who have been attacking and killing Matabeles with impunity for many years are back in Felabusi. Over 6 Matabeles have already been admitted in hospitals with severe injuries as they were hacked with axes and machetes. 

Unsurprisingly, it is business as usual in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe government is turning a blind eye, the religious leaders, non- governmental organisations, opposition parties that made deafening noises when 6 Shona people were shot by the army in 2018 are on silent mode. This is the same way they behaved during Matabeleland genocide. 

There is no way they can speak against killing of Matabeles for they are hateful tribalists themselves. Hateful tribalists who celebrate the killing of Matabeles. How can they rebuke those who are slaughtering innocent Matabeles in the so called independent Zimbabwe? They cannot, because Matabeles who are killed now are not regarded as Zimbabweans let alone human beings.

These are the people that have been described by the late former Minister of Information, Nathan Shamuyarira as unwanted extras in Zimbabwe who should be deprived of education. These ones who are being beaten and slaughtered now, were described as pests that should be annihilated using pesticide by the incumbent President of Zimbabwe, Mr Mnangagwa during Matabele genocide. 

These are the people that the Shona youth kill just for pleasure. The news of any dead Matabeles especially those killed by Shona youth and the success of the invasions in Zimbabwe is received with wild celebrations behind closed doors by Shona adults. 

There is nothing like unity in Zimbabwe but the oppressed Matabeles who have publicly expressed their will to break away From Zimbabwe and the oppressor who uses genocide, rape, tribal discrimination and threats as tools of intimidation to force Matabeles to stay in Zimbabwe. 

As evidence to our commitment to an independent Matabeleland separate from Zimbabwe, we have MLO President Cde Paul Siwela. He became the first Matabele Politician to be arrested for Matabeleland break away cause. He was charged with treason. As if that was not enough, the Zimbabwe government hit squads wanted to assassinate him. By God's grace he received a tip off to this effect and escaped to exile where he is to this day.

We have the Notice of Demand For The Restoration of Matabeleland State already served to the government of Zimbabwe by MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela on behalf of Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO). The Zimbabwe government recognised our Notice of Demand through threats by its President, Emmerson Mnangagwa. He said he will shorten the lives of Matabeles who are calling for the breakaway of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe. 

To us who know how bullies, genocidists and oppressors respond to the oppressed's demand for independence, we know that our message has been driven home. Lihlabe lephukela!

Izenzo kungemazwi! 
Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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