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Why is Zanu-PF opening branches and office in South Africa?

18 May 2024 at 11:38hrs | Views
Out of all liberation parties in Africa, Zanu PF is the only one that is opening offices and branches in all major South African cities and beyond. For an independent country like Zimbabwe, an embassy and a consulate here and there is enough to handle its diplomatic relations in a foreign country.

But why is Zanupf having so many branches and offices in a foreign country yet it is running its own which it claims to be independent, sovereign, united, peaceful and thriving economically? What is it that these numerous offices and branches handle which the embassy cannot?

As far as we know, the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and the Shona people in general are not very secretive people. In a situation like this where there are questionable deployments, we just wait patiently knowing that one of them will get over exited and spill the beans.

According to one of their deployees who operates in the social media disguised as Pan Africanist, the Zanupf government is in pursuit of their enemies that were driven out of Zimbabwe 23 years back. Of course he was referring to the white people in this case. But there is another enemy that is not mentioned here that is also being pursued and wanted more than the white people.

Matabeles are an unnamed enemy in this mission as an effort to fool the world through promoting false unity between Matabeles and Shona people. But the fact of the matter is, it is in the public domain that Matabeles have publicly articulated their intention to break away from Zimbabwe to restore the statehood of Matabeleland. This has raised the animosity between Matabeles and the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe.

The pretence and deception is not something that started today. During the war of Rhodesia Zanupf had two enemies. That is, the white Rhodesians and Matabeles, and by extension the Umkhonto Wesizwe and the ANC for being the allies of ZAPU and ZIPRA respectively. Clearly, Zanupf's unannounced number 1 enemy are Matabeles, number 2, white people and number 3, ANC. We are not sure if ANC is aware of it or not. But what we know is Zanupf does not forgive or forget.

Pardon Gambagwe of Gambagwe Media once boasted that Zimbabwe has successfully deployed spies in the SADC region many of which are planted in South Africa. But no country in Africa has managed to infiltrate Zimbabwe. This gives us a clue that some of these many offices, known and unknown, house the spies who push a hidden agenda to manipulate and control South Africa. Any one who controls South Africa controls Africa. The reason why world super powers are competing to have SA as their ally, and world political minnows like Zimbabwe are also taking chances.

Going up the ladder, Presidential Spokesman, George Charamba, using his pseudonym, Jamwanda2, wrote an opinion piece in The Herald of 17 February 2024. The man who is the eyes, ears and mouth of the President of Zimbabwe was not only celebrating that South Africa had made it to the US sanctions list via the ICJ case but went on to explain how the whole process was to unfold.

"South Africa has now earned a place on the roll call of countries under American sanctions, thereby potentially joining Zimbabwe before long.

"The only difference may be on scale: both by way of size of offence allegedly committed, and by way of the probable scope of America’s reprisal. Of course Zimbabwe's punishment was swift; SA's is likely to be gradual, to allow America and other Western companies time to disinvest, retreat and relocate." There you have it. A comrade who celebrates the imagined fall of his comrade is a comrade indeed! Publicly, Zanupf cheered and inspired South Africa to open a genocide case against Israel with International Court of Justice (ICJ) but behind the closed doors they prematurely celebrated the "fall" of South Africa and even took their celebrations to the state media using pseudonyms to express their pleasure.

A well known anti- Matabele and white people who also hides behind the mask of Pan Africanism, Rutendo Matinyarare, was seen in Zimbabwe taking photos with two MK youth leaders. A few days upon arrival in SA, the guy put on the ANC regalia and attacked the President of MK, Jacob Zuma. That is a clever Shona handling and playing two rival parties against each other.

Zanupf Secretary General, Obert Mpofu claimed that Zanupf received an SOS from the ANC to "assist" in the current election campaign in order to "rescue" the oldest political organisation in the African continent.

He was on cloud nine. He could not hold himself a second as he rushed to the state media to announce so that the world would hear.

The press statement on its own informs the world that the economic power house in Africa, the most developed country in Africa and the most democratic country in Africa is on fire and needs Zanupf as soon as possible to rescue it. Strange!

Yes. The same Zanupf that runs a coup ridden failed state called Zimbabwe. A country without its own currency, saddled with internal and external dept of over US$50 billion which it is failing to settle, a country that allows corruption to thrive, calling it self empowerment, a country that has a failed economy and known for carrying the begging bowl all over the world, the country that has been deserted by its own people to become a burden in the whole world including South Africa, a country that is politically unstable, a country that is teetering on the verge of a split that would see Matabeleland rejoin the family of nations as The Republic of Matabeleland, has been invited to assist the ruling party of the economic power house in Africa. The rainbow nation that prides itself in the diversity of its cultures, tribes, races and languages. Come on guys, if there is somebody who needs urgent assistance here, it is clueless Zanupf.

We understand why Mr Mpofu was ecstatic.

While South Africa's true democracy has apparently attracted admiration and respect through out the world, it has caused fear and bitterness in Zimbabwe.

Its strong media exposes Zanupf government mismanagement of the economy, gross human rights abuses, uncontrolled and unpunished corruption and vote rigging.

South Africa's democracy which allows freedom of speech and association gives Zimbabwe nationals both illegal and legal space to protest and express themselves to the world and expose Zanupf cruelty against its own people and clear failures. It also gives the platform to those politically persecuted and wanted dead or alive by the Zanupf government to air their views on the oppressive Zimbabwe government. "Clever" Shona supremacists want to praised for every failure and human right abuse, they see themselves as the best thing that ever happened to Africa and God given leaders who must lead Africa to prosperity.

South Africa strong economy and military capabilities make them look like political dwarfs that they are. It leaves them drooling with envy and boiling with jealous. They must remove this stumbling block at all costs. The best way is to incite blacks against whites, blacks against blacks. Sponsor chaos and confusion using spies until South Africa crumbles.

Africans should not be fooled by Zanupf into chasing away white people. As I write this article, the Zanupf government is trotting all over the world on an attempt to woo investors to go back and invest in Zimbabwe. A week ago, Mthuli Ncube, the Minister of Finance was in South Africa on the same mission.

Zanupf is lonely and cold in the wilderness. It is feeling the pinch and desperately needs partners who are foolish enough to join them in the wilderness.

Matabeles are not Zimbabweans. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. We do not want to be identified as Zimbabweans whatever that means.

As MLO we have already served the government of Zimbabwe with a Demand For The Restoration Of Matabeleland State through our President Cde Paul Siwela.

i) we demand the restoration Matabeleland state as at 3 November 1893

ii) we demand the payment of US $ 100 billion + interest as reparations for Matabeleland genocide

iii) we demand the immediate withdrawal of trumped up treason charges and warrant of arrest against MLO President Cde Paul Siwela

Izenzi kungemazwi

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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