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Mutsvangwas are dummy sucking cry babies!

27 May 2024 at 20:03hrs | Views
It is intriguing to see how loud the cruel and oppressive wail when they are given the taste of their own medicine.

We have seen the tears of the savagery late President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe and his family after he was deposed through a military coup. He spoke of being tormented by those he natured. Now, it is the spouses, Christopher Mutsvangwa ZANU-PF Spokesman and Monica Mutswangwa, Minister of Women Affairs after their thieving son, Neville Mutsvangwa was arrested for illegally dealing in foreign currency and  cash transfer. He was caught red handed with the tools of illicit trade and cash.

His parents are crying like small babies. In 2017 when he was coup Spokesman, Christopher Mutsvangwa told Aljazeera News that "speaking about Matabeleland genocide was being irresponsible". Not to be out done Monica Mutsvangwa,  during her time as Zimbabwe Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services, she threatened Matabeles with 2nd Matabele genocide after the Catholic bishops issued a pastoral letter criticising the Zimbabwe government for human rights violations.

She singled out an Matabele, Archbishop Ndlovu for attack, "Archbishop Robert Ndlovu is inching to lead the Zimbabwe Catholic Congregation into the darkest dungeons of Rwanda- type genocide", said in statement. The message was understood in Matabeleland to mean that no Matabele should voice their concerns in Zimbabwe as that would invite 2nd Matabele genocide .

Neville Mutsvangwa was arrested the second time for the same offence. If his weeping parents wish to see their son they will visit him where other criminals are found ie police or prison cells.

What about more than 40 000 Matabeles that were slaughtered by the Zimbabwe government, what was their crime? What about more than 100 000 Matabele women that were raped by the Zimbabwe National 5th Brigade, what was their crime? What about 100 000 Matabeles who lost their homes that were burnt down, what was their crime? What about over 5 million Matabeles that are continuously being tribally marginalised and oppressed in Zimbabwe, what is their crime?

Heartless Mutsvangwas are always happy to rub salt into Matabele genocide wounds yet they shed rivers of tears for their thieving son. People of Matabeleland who lost their beloved ones have feelings like the Mutsvangwas and other Shona supremacists in Zanupf. People of Matabeleland have the right to life and self determination.

We hear that Christopher Mutsangwa harbours ambitions for the presidential post which should be up for grabs in about four years.

In Zimbabwe that is submerged in  tribalism which Christopher and his wife, Monica Mustvangwa subscribe to, voluntarily and happily advocate for, salivating for the highest post in the land is as good as declaring war against the other Shona clans that have their own presidential candidates.

The incumbent President, Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Karanga clan want to keep it to themselves. We hope Mutsvangwa has not forgotten that his boss is not very kind to those who have an appetite for his position. He deals with them in the most cruel manner. Constantino Chiwenga who was scammed by the Karangas through a gentleman agreement wants it, actually he thinks it should be an automatic entry for him. For your own information, the Generari is also heartless.  Saviour Kasukuwere is in the cold in exile, he and his Zezuru- Korekore Alliance want it too.

As Chris and Monica Mutsvangwa wish to be the first family of Zimbabwe, they must brace themselves for political persecution by prosecution, verbal and tribal attacks or at worse, elimination by assassination. That is the punishment for harbouring ambitions for the position of President in Zanupf. Tribal wars and slaughtering each other for positions has been the culture of Zanupf since it was formed in 1963.

We in Matabeleland do not subscribe to this animal like behaviour of murdering each other for positions, genocide against innocent Matabele civilians, military coups, tribal oppression, failure to run opposition parties, economy, empty arrogance that goes with Shona supremacism, culture of begging, corruption, theft and witch- craft which is in the Shona people's DNA.

Our demand for the restoration of Matabeleland state which was delivered to the Zimbabwe government by MLO President Cde Paul Siwela in 2015 is in order, justified and none- negotiable.

i) we demand the restoration of Matabeleland state as at 3 November 1893

ii) we demand US$ 100 billion as reparations for Matabele genocide + interest accumulated as from the date the letter of demand was delivered to the Zimbabwe government

iii) we demand the unconditional withdrawal of trumped up treason charges and warrant arrest for MLO President Cde Paul Siwela

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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