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Now that Mnangagwa has attacked King Lobengula, he must brace for Matabeleland breakaway

17 Jun 2024 at 20:38hrs | Views
"If you come for the king, you best not miss. This was a brilliant observation by "Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now that the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa who enjoys belittling, dehuminising, demonising, discriminating and decimating innocent Matabeles, has decided to attack the late King of Matabeleland, His Majesty King Lobengula, he must be ready to face the repercussions including the split of Zimbabwe into two states, Republic of Matabeleland ( RoM) and Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa, known for publicly calling for genocide and expressing his hatred against Matabele nation through anti- Matabele speeches, went on another of his dangerous joyrides on a vehicle of tribalism in Chivhu, Mashonaland. This time he told the students that His Majesty King Lobengula, the last King of Matabeleland Kingdom, was dull.

It must be stated here and now, without fear or favour that attacking the King of Matabeleland is a direct attack to Matabele nation at large. MLO considers it as the extreme demonstration by the person who occupies the highest office in Zimbabwe that Matabeles are not wanted in Zimbabwe.

He was telling the Shona children, Shona people and the world that Matabeles, like their King, are dull and stupid. Those words coming from an unpunished genocide perpetrator who once said Matabeles were cockroaches that needed to be wiped out of the face of earth shows that Matabeles are not safe and will never be safe in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa is not in the league of King Lobengula by status, leadership quality and political acumen. King Lobengula was a renowned nation builder whereas Mnangagwa is an incompetent, divisive and destructive tribal hate driven Shona supremacist who is not presidential material. No wonder why even the Zimbabweans are not buying into his third term move.

Firstly, when the King got wind that tribalism was rearing its ugly head in the Kingdom of Matabeleland, he called for an urgent national gathering at a certain point in Bulawayo.

On the day of the meeting, the King turned up very late, an unusual action that surprised all in the big crowd that had already gathered. On his arrival, instead of greeting his subjects as the norm, he ignored them, quietly took his place at the front and sat with his back against them and started sharpening his spear. This bothered the people even more wondering how they had wronged the King.

Without saying a word, he stood up and faced the crowd, looking at it with menacing darting eyes and troubling silence, he threw his spear up into the air with all the power and energy he could summon.

All eyes were on the spear. When it turned down towards the people, they fell over each other running away from impending danger. The razor sharp weapon sliced into the empty ground with its handle shaking like a rid in flowing water.

In the tense atmosphere of fear and confusion, the King finally broke his silence. He said, the sharp spear represented the enemies of the Kingdom of Matabeleland and that, like the spear, when the enemies attack, they would not spare some based on tribal lines but they would kill anyone they met.

He denounced tribalism and divisions in the strongest terms. Abetshabi, minorities from Mashonaland who were the target of tribalism at the time were immediately placed under the protection of the King (abantu benkosi). The minorities and the weak in the Kingdom of Matabeleland were highly protected under this program (abantu benkosi) Anyone who dared to marginalise or abuse abantu benkosi faced the wrath of the law administered by the chiefs (izinduna). The skill to drive his message home using both symbolism and word of mouth shows that he was a political genius who was able to see that tribalism was a real nation wrecker.

That place where the King made history is known as Nketa.

Mnangagwa, in this our digital age is taking people back to stone age when humans were hunter gatherers who lived in the caves as little families and tribal clans. He promotes tribal division, tribal oppression, annihilation of other tribes through genocide while other leaders in the world are preaching unity, economic growth, democracy and self determination.

Secondly, His majesty King Lobengula knew that black people of Matabeleland needed to protect their Kingdom, independence and sovereignty by resisting colonisation by the white BSA Company. But the Shonas thought that they must quickly donate their country Mashonaland to the British South Africa Company and form an alliance of betrayal with it to destroy the Kingdom of Matabeleland. Surprisingly, Mnangagwas of this world and their Shona supremacist are still hell bent on destroying Matabeleland through genocode, tribal oppression, hunger, infact, through all means possible.

This is a wake up call for all Matabeles to stand up and fight for the restoration of Matabeleland state. What kind of pain, humiliation, degradation, dehuminisation, abuse and marginalistion you have not gone through in Zimbabwe? Do you think the brutal Shona supremacist oppressors will one day change their mind and free you? Do you think a good angel from heaven will descend and fight on our behalf? Unfortunately not.

Matabeles must stand up and join MLO to fight for the restoration of Matabeleland before our nation, identities and cultures are destroyed, before our land and resources which are currently being plundered are depleted.

We challenge Mr Mnangagwa to stop attacking our late King and be man enough deal with the NOTICE OF DEMAND FOR THE RESTORATION OF MATABELELAND STATE that was delivered to the government of Zimbabwe in 2015.

i) we demand the restoration of Matabeleland State as at 3 November 1893

ii) we demand US $ 100 billion as reparations for Matabele genocide with interest calculated from the date the Notice of demand was delivered to the Zimbabwe government

iii) we demand the unconditional withdrawal of trumped up treason charges and warrant arrest against Cde Paul Siwela with immediate effect

Izenzo Kungamazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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