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Bennett, the former brutal Rhodesian policeman, remains unrepentant to this day

06 May 2013 at 16:37hrs | Views

So many times people have been reminded that the truth hates if it is told to people. One person who will die with anger and hatred in his heart is one unrepentant former Rhodesian policeman Roy Bennet who is now masquerading as a politician. Because of his anger and hatred, he seem to use more of blood than his brains when attending to issues that concern Zimbabwe.

One thing that he has done, is forgetting the past quickly and assume that all Zimbabweans are shallow minded and forgetful like his fellow friends who have fallen to his never-die imperialist spirit.

Roy Bennet should look at attending the log in his eyes before looking and commenting on the specks in other people's eyes. I am not surprised like many other Zimbabweans  of the comments that Bennet posted on facebook about General Chiwenga and President Mugabe. Characterising the Army General as a baboon and name calling the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe is not a new thing to Zimbabweans. Demonising President Mugabe has been on the regime change agenda of the imperialists and their surrogates. Such comments only serve to deepen our resolve to support our President and protect our country Zimbabwe from all those associated with Bennet. After all Roy Bennet should understand that his relevance in the Zimbabwean political discourse is quickly fading.

The hand of reconciliation extended by the then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in 1980 had given new leases of life to people like Giles Mutsekwa and Roy Bennet. Their roles as Rhodesians during the protracted liberation struggle was to brutalise Zimbabweans who were supporting the struggle. Today they have just taken different coats to pursue the same agenda they had during the 1970s. It is for this reason that they continue to fight everything done by ZANU PF, the land reform, indigenisation and economic empowerment policies and programmes.

At a time when most people are commending the strides that have been taken in the agriculture sector by ZANU PF through the land reform, Roy Bennet is as expected telling the world his story which is not supported by facts. The Zimbabwe that he has in his mind is the one that he last saw before he moved into self imposed exile in South Africa. It is quite shameful that he wants to hoodwink Zimbabweans into believing his ill advised story.

The success of the land reform is real. It is not a propaganda gimmick by ZANU PF. The reality on the ground is that Zimbabweans who have taken up farming are doing their best to bring back the good old days of the agriculture sector. The farmers are aware of the imminent challenges because unlike the 6 000 white farmers the more than 250 000 new farmers are not supported in the same manner the 6 000 were supported. But the resilience of the farmers and their determination in being masters of their own destiny will put to shame the facade of those of the thinking of Bennet. All Zimbabweans, including the majority of those in MDC-T, Bennet's political party, have come to terms with the fact that the land reform programme is irreversible. And Bennet should be advised the same.

Name calling and demonising people of Zimbabwe only serves to strengthen the position that many Zimbabweans have known for many years, that is, there are other people like Bennet who think that they are a better species. As Zimbabweans we condemn every element of superiority arrogance because we view all people as the same. The sooner Bennet and his friends see this fact the better for all of us. Zimbabwe and its people shall not accept a subservient role to anyone, hence as ZANU PF we will jealously guard our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Roy Bennet should smell the coffee now and accept the wind of change that is blowing in Zimbabwe today. He should be reminded that Zimbabwe is better off without people like him in our country.

Source - Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza | ZANU PF South Africa District Secretary for Information And Publicity
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