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Tsvangirai a political spent force

06 Oct 2015 at 15:10hrs | Views
It has been almost two decades since MDC-T embattled leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has been battling to become the leader of this nation.  It is a shame that Tsvangirai who is hoping to lead Zimbabwe lacks moral respect especially in women.

It is government policy that women should be empowered to participate fully in economic life across all sectors in order to improve the living conditions of their families and develop their communities.

However, Tsvangirai seems to turn a blind eye on such policies as he continues to abuse women. It is a disgrace that Tsvangirai has been in a secret affair for more than 20 solid years which in which he has sired two grown up children aged 24 and 20 according to recent reports. As a public figure and someone who is angling to lead Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai should be morally upright, a quality which he lacks and has thrown him in the political dustbin of the country.

Morgan Tsvangirai should be reminded that integrity is a major pre-requisite for any person aspiring to be a leader either of a church, company or nation. Hence, Tsvangirai should be principled and show good leadership qualities.

How can someone who is not morally comprehensible become a Head of a State? Will he not lead the nation into a Sodom and Gomorrah as called for by his western handlers?

After the death of his wife, Susan, Tsvangirai went crazy like a dog in heat sexually partnering anything on two legs. But the recent revelation show that it's his tune and his late wife Susan may her soul rest in peace was a woman troubled by the bed hopping ways of his husband.   

Tsvangirai should be aware that public figures have no privacy to talk about.

The fact that Mr Morgan is financially stressed could be an indicator of why he was hiding the details about this secret wife and kids? It is said that Tsvangirai has a debt of $15 227 for rentals which he owes Mrs Patience Matshe,  the landlady of his secret wife Ms Josephine Chibali .As it stands, all is not well in his opposition political party.

Most of Tsvangirai's supporters have lost hope and confidence in him. The truth be told, most of Tsvangirai's allies have now opened their eyes and seen the light hence realizing that there is no life in this embattled opposition leader.

It is indeed a disgrace that Tsvangirai who is trying his best to topple President Mugabe and the ruling party ZANU-PF from power is making efforts to merge with the former Vice President, Joice Mujuru. While addressing a handful of his supporters in Muzarabani Mashonaland Central, Tsvangirai disclosed his intentions to work with the Mujuru cabal.

"Even former senior ZANU- PF officials have also now come to see this misrule for what it is, so we are open to working with them," Tsvangirai said.

This is an indication that Tsvangirai has no capacity to be a stand-alone leader and  his electoral history has proved that beyond any doubt. After all, he was given the opportunity to show nation that he was competent leader during the Inclusive Government; but, alas, nothing fruitful came out from him.

Tsvangirai's grassroot support is dwindling each day because of his shenanigans. This was witnessed by the low turnout of people who attended his rally in Muzarabani.

 After his former secretary general, Tendai Biti and many others deserted him; Tsvangirai's political fortunes has been in shambles.

As of now, there are already wrangles between Tsvangirai and Mujuru. Their coalition is doomed to fail as the two leaders are all political failures. Both Tsvangirai and Mujuru's political ideologies are devoid of national development.  It is noted that the two clash on the new party name as Mujuru allies wanted it to be called Zanu People First whilst on the other hand the thickheaded Tsvangirai insisted that he wanted to be the leader of the new opposition party to be formed. With all these disputes, MDC-T could be heading for another split.

Efforts to form a grand coalition of opposition parties will not bear fruit in Zimbabwe. This is because most opposition leaders are political spent forces who are power hungry and overzealous. Therefore, the electorate has serious mistrust in both MDC-T and the Mujuru cabal.

When weak ideas are combined, it is obvious that the outcome is double weakness. Tsvangirai and Mujuru should be reminded that a marriage of convenience is nothing but only a political gimmick.

What the people want is a political party that has tangible national policies.

Source - Peacemaker Zano
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