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Look sexy without freezing

25 Jun 2016 at 09:23hrs | Views

MY night life is almost non-existent during winter.

Unless it's absolutely necessary, I hardly go out simply because I'd rather stay indoors, keep warm under my Zebra print couch blanket and watch TV.

Pity, I'm not really a fan of coffee or tea but that would make my TV night perfectly warm, I'm sure.

For a while I'd been saying no to invitations to visit the new joint in town, Private Lounge, because I dreaded the low temperatures.

But I just woke up on the other side of my bed the other day and decided to oblige my friends – just to boost investor confidence, as I like to call it.

As expected, it was nippy so I'd gone out in a burgundy leather jacket, dark blue turn up skinny jeans, blush pink heels and a matching clutch bag.

I wasn't feeling absolutely warm but I'd survive a few hours of the cold.

As we stood at the joints' entrance while we waited for another friend to show up – a swagged up couple came through.

The guy was in a pair of blue denims, a white hoodie and white waffles.

Like me, even though he was well covered up, it was visible that he could still feel the cold as he had his hands tucked away in the pockets of his hoodie.

The girl, who I assumed was his girlfriend, wore a sexy sleeveless black number which came just below the hips and had a low neckline to flaunt her healthy cleavage with a pair of peep-toe heels.

I couldn't believe it! I just couldn't get how anyone, in this chilly weather would walk out of the house looking like we're in the middle of a hot October!

Don't get me wrong, she looked absolutely stunning but the outfit just wasn't weather appropriate.

I know for a fact she was freezing cold, I mean, we all were in our jackets and jeans!

And she's not the first woman I've come across who feels pressured to expose some skin even when the weather doesn't allow.

It's sad especially when the man she's with is all geared up for the cold weather in a jacket, hoodie or jersey.

Ladies, don't get it twisted, looking sexy doesn't always entail leaving your legs and cleavage out.

You can look sexy in winter clothes too. It all depends on how you put everything together!

A cashmere sweater will keep you extra toasty obviously.

Don't try to do a baggy sweater with a mini-skirt if you're going bar hopping, as generally no one pays attention to what you're wearing below your waist in a crowded bar.

Try a cropped leather jacket over a V-neck shirt with a feminine chain link necklace. Do your feet a favour and step into closed toe shoes.

If you insist on wearing a mini-skirt, opt for a fitted knit or cotton mini. The skirt won't look so skimpy and will be able to keep your tushie a little warm.

We've all seen THAT girl. There she goes again: the girl who thinks knee high boots are pants.

No, sweetheart, those are boots and you look like a very cold hooker.

Just wear opaque black tights. They're sexier than having goosebumps complete with the hairs on your leg at full attention because you're freezing.

Even simple changes to your usual makeup such as a bright lip or liquid eye liner can open your face up more and will keep focus on your face.

Wearing your hair up in a styled pony will elongate your figure and relieve your torso of the hyper bundled look.

Feedback from "Pretty hands, sexy feet"

Your male friends are pretty right; one of the first things I look at is how clean and tidy you keep your toes. I am not a fan of road runner chicks so if you have toes and feet that have been neglected and treated like road runner chicken feet then I am totally put off. Even men should take care of their bloody feet. It takes 5 minutes maximum to groom either set so there is no excuse. – Jeff

Hey Yoli, read an article of yours on the net, great job, keep them coming. – Wendy.

Hie, I was inspired by your article. – 0772235***

Good morning, I enjoyed your article my sister. Keep up the good work, wishing you the best. Can you assist with information on smelly feet? – 0733302***

I agree with your sentiments, hands and feet need to be kept looking clean and pretty. – 0735237***

Ndeipi, you're doing great in The Chronicle, I love your articles. – 0733952***

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