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Zimbabwe Government very angry with MLO

05 Oct 2016 at 09:52hrs | Views

We hear that the supremacist government of Zimbabwe together with the beneficiaries of its evil system are very, very angry with MLO for telling the truth as it is, and exposing them concerning their unforgivable genocide against the people of Matabeleland. No apology from us and we do not regret.

They must go hang! If they are allergic to the truth then they would die in their numbers as what they have seen is very little compared to what is coming. Kuzaba lokukhala lokugedla kwamazinyo. We have no time to baby sit the government of oppressors, murderers, unrepentant thieves, rapists and haters and its cry babies. We shall continue to call a spade a spade without fear. We shall continue to tell them right on their ugly faces that it is no one else but the evil supremacist Shona government that is oppressing the  people of Matabeleland and that it is being assisted by its Shona people to implement diabolic policies with which it aims to exterminate the people of Matabeleland.

We know they are looking for our President Cde Paul Siwela. To this effect they have invaded his home in Bulawayo not once or twice but for a record six times. We are fully aware that they are looking for him not because they want to invite him for lunch or dinner in a hotel but they want to kill him. But as MLO we  say let any Shona fool touch Cde Paul Siwela or anyone of us and all hell will break lose. We will demonstrate in public and in full view of the world that we are no longer vulnerable Matebeles who can be killed at will like chickens.

One small and silly miscalculation will have massive and disastrous consequences and inevitably lead to the demise of Robert Mugabe government with massive casualties. We have done our home work well and grateful to our Central Intelligence Bureau for a job well done.

Let them choke with anger and the truth is we do not care and there is nothing they are going to do about it, and this stands as little advice to our little neighbours: FIGHTING THE TRUTH IS NOT CHILD' S PLAY.

For the people of Matabeleland this is concentration time as 2018 is upon us. Needless to say that this is a do or die period for us. This is the time to either liberate ourselves and enjoy the fruits of independence thereafter or back peddle like frightened cowards and remain under the yoke of oppression in Zimbabwe.

MLO is not like others, associating us with others who have failed to walk the talk is unfair or rather foolish. We mean everything we say, written or spoken. Do not be fooled by the Zimbabwe state agents who spread falsehoods about us. We least expect them to say good things about us. And remember, the politics of revolution is complicated and very confusing by nature it is not like the politics of electioneering where all tactics should be displayed on what they call "manifesto." Ours is a different game we cannot afford that luxury and carelessness. Read the political weather and join the dots or else the revolution will start without you seeing it.

Given what MLO has done and said in public and what we have done and said in private it is already game on.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Asipheli moya, asesabi, futhi asesatshiswa.

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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