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Open Letter to Makandiwa and Mahiya

06 Sep 2018 at 09:01hrs | Views
It came not as surprise to Zimbabweans to hear the words of Makandiwa denouncing USA concerning sanctions to Zimbabwe.

Your prophesies are fake. Remember you were to vocal in support of introduction of bond notes saying this will reduce cash shortages and usher us out of economic woes.

Where are we now prophet? Do you remember that it was during these sanctions that you made a fortune and if you remember very well you boasted that you are one of the richest man in Africa.

Are you sincere when you condemn sanctions. While it is true that religion and politics are hard to separate, watch your step bro. You ecstasy may loose its luster. You are now showing your true colors. A false prophet who is doing it for money. You now want to play with big fish. It's not new. We have accounts of prophets of your type in the Bible. The more than 400 prophets who lied to the wicked king to go to war saying he was going to be victorious. A prophet for the stomach.

As for you Mahiya, you never cease to amaze Zimbabweans. You are saying that Chamisa's alliance with the west is bringing economic problems to the nation. You even shamelessly ask Chamisa to talk to the west to open avenues for economic fortune of the nation. My question is: Are you trying to tell the Zimbabweans that Chamisa has the keys to the economic well being of this nation? If so, then I thank God that you have seen the light at last. Mr Mahiya, you can rig the elections but not economy.

You can spend a lot of taxpayers money flying from one country to another trying to lure investors by cheap 'Zimbabwe is open for business' gospel, but this does work when civilians are being killed willy-nilly by the army, when the judiciary is being captured, and when human rights violations is rampant. Days of propaganda are over.

Face the reality. There is no investor confidence in this country with the current government that took Mawere's asbestos empire only to loot from it and left workers jobless. Dance to the tune. Makandiwa prophesied that it will be with this nation if your prints more and more bond notes like what it currently happening. And the economy has reacted. You find a scapegoat in opposition parties except Khupe's and Gutu's wing of ZANU-PF.

Source - Isaac Nkomah
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