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No justification for ECD non-Ndebele Speaking Teachers

10 Mar 2019 at 07:01hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

The condescending article  by Shumba Happison cannot go unchallenged  as it is a concoction  of tribal lies and displaced  superiority complex. Oblivious  to the sad reality  that ECD students  cannot be taught  by anyone who cannot speak their mother tongue and that both the right to education  and the right to be taught in their mother tongue are constitutional rights, this  Happison  is happy to defile a just cause by accusing  all those rightly voicing  concern  over  this  glaring abomination as tribalists who hate Shonas. I find this attitude  demeaningly patronizing and of zero  value  to those keen at asserting  the right of everyone  in Zimbabwe. His hopeless  mantra that ZIMBABWE  is for all betrays his tribalistic  tendencies  for those advocating  for equality  have precisely  made that point that never again shall they be second  class  citizens expected  to swallow all manner  of indiscretions  thrown  at them.

The purpose of the education system  is to assist the learner  and not the teacher. Therefore those teachers with ECD qualifications who are only able to speak Shona are irrelevantly  and unwanted  in Matabeleland. Put simply  they are unemployable and those hiring  them have a sinister  and evil age da against  the innocent children. It can only be a futile  attempt to intimidate  them as there is absolutely  no reason to  hope  that a teacher  who understands  neither the culture nor the language of a child can be of any value except as a weapon  of cultural  Gukurahundi.

It is high time the Government  stops taking people for granted  under a facade if that cheap unity and a misleading  impression  that those who complain are tribalists. We are breeding disaster  by prediposing  of young impressionable minds to a state of cultural slavery. The proponents  of this absurd theory  are Happison Shumba believers who also gloat about  Gukurahundi as if it was a wedding  party. I also did not know that commanders of Gukurahundi also die. They  owned death, and now death owns them what a strange reversal. Anyway we must reject this second citizenship  tag with the contempt  it deserves  and demand that the Government  adheres to the Constitution  in terms  of the rights of children.  If necessary this issue must go up to the United Nations in terms of the obligations  that the Government  signed  to as regards to the rights  of children.

One of the chief culprits of this cultural  imperialism is the United  College  of Education. Nestled in Matabeleland this college  has no relevance to the people  of Matabeleland except by geographical  location. It has completely  failed to recruit from the region as it's enrolment  is driven by nefarious and capricious considerations. Even if it closed its doors today, the people of Matabeleland would not know for its very existence  is to stifle  and exclude then. How is it possible  that UCE is producing  more Shona  surnames at ECD than any other language? What is the agenda and purpose of mass production of these  useless graduates?

Happison Shumba also argues that people with Shona surnames are not necessarily  Shona. This argument  must surely  reveal how desperate the purveyors  of this tribal misnomer are to shield their shenanigans from the penetrating  light of justice.  This is not about Shona. It is about  the thousands of children whose future  has been jeopardized  by an tribal agenda that equates to educational  genocide and is  a continuation  of the diabolic  Gukurahundi spirit.

Yours  faithfully,
Sihle Ndlovu

Source - Sihle Ndlovu
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