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2 Matabeles shot dead by Zimbabwe soldiers for speaking Ndebele language

06 Oct 2020 at 07:33hrs | Views
MLO Supreme Council was  angered by the gunning down of 2 Matabeles, Morgan Sibanda and Dumisani Mpofu by the the number one killers of Matabele people, Zimbabwe National Army, for speaking Ndebele language.This act of barbarism happened at Chisuma Business Center in Victoria falls, Matabeleland North, on Wednesday night.

MLO Supreme Council was so pissed of by this wanton killing of Matabeles by the Zimbabwe National Army that it took a decision that it is time for the people of Matabeleland to rise up and defend the Republic of Matabeleland citizenry.

To this effect MLO President Cde Paul Siwela released a statement which read as follows: "Zimbabwe National Army soldiers from 1.2 Infantry Battalion wantonly opened fire and gunned two unarmed Matebele civilian men in Victoria Falls for speaking Ndebele language. MLO calls upon all able bodied Matabele men and women to get ready to be on call up to defend our people."

As MLO Supreme Council we solidly stand by the above statement by the Commander in Chief, Cde Paul Siwela.

As I write this statement the government of Zimbabwe has deployed more soldiers to Chisuma village to terrorise villagers and force them to accept a false narration by the Zimbabwe Republic Police that the deceased were killed while trying to disarm the soldiers.

We understand the army, in a bid to contain the angry villagers, has imposed a curfew and are beating up poor villagers for denouncing the barbaric act.

The Zimbabwe National Army which is supposedly our  defender, has killed more Matabele people than any other enemy or pandemic in Zimbabwe since 1980.

Surely the people of Matabeleland cannot sit and wait to die of natural causes when their innocent relatives are being slaughtered like sheep.

The Zimbabwe government has no licence to kill the people of Matabeleland but are motivated by tribal hatred.

The same goes for the people of
Matabeleland, but in the face of annihilation by the Zimbabwe National Army, we have no any other option but to take up arms and defend Matabele nation from complete obliteration.

Where are Zimbabwe civic organizations? Where are the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights? Where are the church leaders? Where is the MDC Alliance which prides itself as party of excellence and paragon of democracy?

All the above make a deafening noise when Shonas are abused in Zimbabwe. Here are 2 innocent Matabeles killed by the Zimbabwe National Army in cold blood, and the tribalists have locked themselves behind their doors because to them Matabele life has no value.The silence is deafening!

It is not surprising that they were celebrating, ululating and cheering on the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade in the 80s  when it was murdering, raping and maiming Matabeles.

Yes they cheered and danced until 40 000 Matabeles were dead. They are doing it now when the Zimbabwe National Army is killing
innocent Matabeles. They will do it in the future until Matabeleland is independent. This is because they are tribalists and die hard supporters of Shona supremacy.

They are even proud of the Shona identity they were given by our forefathers and hate their original Hutu identity. Ask them what was their collective identity before our forefathers called them Shonas ie meaning those who run away from the battle and disappear in the caves. Shonas are Hutus who were chased away from Burundi for theft, corruption and witchcraft  by their brothers.

This leaves the people of Matabeleland with no question if they are Zimbabweans or not. If they were, all the above mentioned organizations would be attacking the Zimbabwe government like bees by now. But the opposite is happening. There is deafening silence in Mashonaland. Silence similar to that during Matabeleland genocide in the 1980s.

Matabeles who still view themselves as Zimbabweans after Matabeleland genocide and all these other barbaric and terrifying  events that continue to happen must think again before it is too late.

Let all able bodied men and women answer to the clarion call from the President of MLO and defend ourselves.

It is  now time we define our history  and take control of our destiny.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Patrick Guramatunhu
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