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We are in this together: A Response to Israel Dube's article

07 Jun 2023 at 13:53hrs | Views
As a proud African, it pains me to read Israel Dube's article on Bulawayo24 promoting racism and tribalism. It is unfortunate that such divisive language is being used in our country, especially at a time when we are facing so many challenges.

Let me be clear, we are all Zimbabweans. It is through our shared history that we have become a diverse and unique nation, consisting of many cultures and languages. While we may have experienced different struggles and injustices, we are all bound by the same struggle for a better future for ourselves and our children.

To say that Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe is a fallacy. Matabeleland is a significant and integral part of Zimbabwe, just as much as any other region. We must not let our differences divide us, but instead, embrace them and work together for the collective good.

It is misguided to blame the Shona government for the challenges faced by Matabelelanders. It is simply, the government, there's neither r Shona, Tonga, nor Ndebele government. We must not think along racial lines. The government is elected to serve all Zimbabweans, regardless of their ethnicity or origin. While we acknowledge that there have a lot of truly sad historical injustices, we must work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all Zimbabweans.

The idea of restoring an independent state of Matabeleland is impractical and divisive. It will only lead to further division and conflict in our country. We must work towards building a united and equal Zimbabwe, where all ethnic groups are valued and respected.

As Zimbabweans, we must hold our government accountable for its actions. We must speak out against corruption and oppression, regardless of where it may occur in our country, no matter who does it. We must work towards creating a more just, prosperous, and united Zimbabwe together.

Let us not be divided by our racial or tribal differences, but instead strive towards a shared future based on mutual respect, equality, and opportunity for all Zimbabweans.

I urge all my fellow Zimbabweans to reject the divisive language being promoted by Israel Dube. We are all Zimbabweans, and together, we can build a better future for ourselves and generations to come, one that is free of the corrupt ZANU PF.

Kumbirai Thierry Nhamo |
Writer, Blogger, Poet and Researcher

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