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The Lord is my strength, whom shall I fear?

27 Jun 2016 at 16:54hrs | Views
The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27v1)

In our Christian walk it is guaranteed, given and true that we shall face trials, tribulations, perilous moments, hardships and problems. When these come our way, we should not cry,we should not fail, we should not give up, we should not be afraid and we should not faint. WHY?

Because the LORD God is our STRENGTH in times of war, trouble, persecution, sickness and turmoil. Situations that are fearful shall always arise but we should not be afraid or terrified of them because the Lord is our strength.

When Wars come the Lord is our strength. When sicknesses and diseases afflict us, the Lord is our strength. When demotions and failure face us, the Lord is our strength. When temptations and persecutions are leveled against us, the Lord is our strength.

Even when promotions and success comes our way, the Lord is our strength. When good things and happiness happen to us, the Lord is our strength.

Brethren, when we face good or evil, life or death, success or failure, pain or joy, lack or plenty, fruitfulness or barrenness or whatever we face – THE LORD IS ALWAYS OUR STRENGTH.

Our strength doesn't come from our monies, our wealth, our possessions, our qualifications, our families, our marriages, our connections, our knowledge, our associations, our priests and churches, our looks, our body size or shape, our positions – but from the LORD!

Dare to Declare The Lord God is my strength whom shall i fear? Even if its the devil, his demons, his agents, his weapons, his plans, his powers, his principalities or his altars – i am not afraid of them because the Lord is my STRENGTH. Even if its kings, rulers, princes, presidents, ministers, managers, etc i will face them all and tell them of the name of the Lord and His goodness. I will face all of them and declare to them whatever is true, just, good, noble and righteous without fear – because the LORD God is my strength!

Further Reading Exodus: 15 v 2; Psalm 28 v 7 and Psalm 118 v 14.

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Source - Hamba Vangeli
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