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New Reality TV Show: Chilling With the Ncubes

by Kadoma D
08 Jul 2015 at 16:39hrs | Views
The Ncube's seem to have thrown caution to the wind and embarked on sharing their lives through what seems to be a new reality TV show of sorts called CHILLING WITH THE NCUBES. Asked for comment Carl Joshua Ncube explains that they were approached by a company called BUDGET BUILDS to create engaging content online to showcase a concept of affordable homes. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to create what I like to call "a kinda sort of mini reality show sort of show" says Ncube jokingly. According to Ncube, instead of pursuing broadcast arrangements that are restrictive on how to generate revenues for content producers locally they have decided to focus on the mobile phone market which according to the comedian cellphones outnumber televisions more than 10 to 1. More people are watching content on laptops, phones, USB, DVD than they are watching regular broadcast television.

Back to the show. The show is a mini version of interviews with the trailblazing couple focussing on random aspects of their lives in clips shorter than 3 minutes. What's interesting in the show is the banter between the two more than the actual topics. It's honest, new and fresh perspective on CELEBRITY COUPLES. We are sure it will engage users and inspire others with our story said the usually upbeat comedian. One of the highlights in this show is Nelsy Ncube who people have only known to be Carl's manager and now has been thrust into the spotlight as she shares her side to living and working with Carl Joshua Ncube. So far I have received lots of friend requests and emails which is something I am trying to get used to, despite my reluctance to do this many who know my husband will understand he would have never taken no for an answer from me says Mrs Ncube.

Episodes are expected to be uploaded once a week and so far the second episode is currently uploaded. We expect to hear about a longer version of this show soon, but for now let's find out more on CHILLING WITH THE NCUBES.