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Chamisa's MDC attacks Khaya Moyo

by Staff reporter
20 Jul 2021 at 08:25hrs | Views
A WAR of words has erupted between the country's two main political parties after the MDC Alliance Monday afternoon angrily reacted to Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo's claims that the opposition party is comprised of mad, heartless and irresponsible people bent on tarnishing the image of the ruling party.

Moyo Sunday accused MDC Alliance of circulating a message on social media claiming that Zanu-PF was pushing for Parliament to have a law that will criminalise the wearing of miniskirts and trousers by women in Zimbabwe.

"What is disturbing and heartless is that the fake news is being generated in the name of our Acting Political Commissar Cde Patrick Chinamasa by heartless MDC Alliance groups at a time when Cde Chinamasa is being indisposed and recovering at home after an accident recently,"

"These shameless level of desperation reflect immaturity, childish mentality and an uncultured disposition in the MDC Alliance. Surely, these opposition malcontents have become headless lost minds and need our prayers and sympathy and not ridicule," said Moyo in reference to the social media message.

In an interview with New Zimbabwe.Com the MDC Alliance's Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chiroodza hit back at the ruling party's spokesperson describing him as a spineless bootlicker and pathological liar.

 "Khaya Moyo lacks probity. What revolutionary is there in spineless Simon Khaya Moyo, a Matebele and former Zapu member who loyally and blindly answers to the command of a man who during his tenure as Zimbabwe's Minister of State Security called AmaNdebele "cockroaches", said Chiroodza in reference to President Emmerson Mnangagwa's alleged involvement in the gukurahundi atrocities.

 While addressing a Zanu-PF rally in Victoria Falls on March 1983 Mnangagwa reportedly told the party ‘s supporters that Matebeleland people were cockroaches who needed to be eradicated by DDT.

 Following Mnangagwa's remarks, the next morning 55 people were reported killed in Lupane by the North Korean trained five brigade.

Chiroodza said Moyo's accusations are totally "false ,stupid, baseless and deceitful,"

"For want of a political punch bag, Khaya makes baseless accusations against the MDC Alliance. He tries desperately to embroil the MDCA in the banning of women from wearing miniskirts and trousers saga, the health or illhealth of Patrick Chinamasa and the peddling of fake news in cahoots with an unnamed NGO. Zanu-PF has now become so desperate to the extent that it is now attributing all its failures to our party. What is ironic is that all along Zanu-PF has been claiming that MDC Alliance is dead," said Chiroodza

Source - newzimbabwe

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