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8 iconic musicians from Bulawayo

by Staff reporter
10 Jul 2024 at 12:41hrs | Views
Bulawayo has a rich musical tradition and has been home to several iconic musicians who have made significant contributions to Zimbabwean and African music.

These musicians have not only entertained audiences but also played important roles in promoting Zimbabwean culture, language, and identity through their music. They continue to inspire both within Zimbabwe and beyond its borders. Some of the iconic musicians from Bulawayo include:

Lovemore Majaivana

Known for his distinctive voice and style, Majaivana is a celebrated Zimbabwean musician whose music blends traditional Zimbabwean sounds with modern influences.


This youthful ensemble is renowned for its energetic performances of traditional Zimbabwean music and dance, promoting cultural heritage both locally and internationally.

Jeys Marabini

A versatile musician and songwriter, Marabini is known for his soulful vocals and has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of Ndebele culture through his music.

Busi Ncube

A talented singer and songwriter, Busi Ncube gained prominence as a member of the band Ilanga before embarking on a successful solo career.

Albert Nyathi

A poet and musician known for his powerful performances and socially conscious lyrics, Nyathi has been a prominent figure in Zimbabwean music for decades.

Sandra Ndebele

A popular singer, dancer, and actress, Sandra Ndebele is known for her energetic performances and contributions to contemporary Zimbabwean music and culture.

Mkhululi Bhebhe

A gospel artist with a powerful voice and a deep commitment to his faith, Mkhululi Bhebhe has gained recognition both in Zimbabwe and internationally.

Black Umfolosi

A male acapella group known for their captivating harmonies and choreographed performances, Black Umfolosi has represented Zimbabwean culture on stages around the world.

Source - B-Metro