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Mnangagwa wakes up after 37 years to find that Zimbabwe is a Zezuru dynasty

by Israel Dube
06 Nov 2017 at 15:30hrs | Views
When Emmerson Mnangagwa was elevated to the post of Vice President, Karangas and a few others who do not have full knowledge of their own party, including Mnangagwa, himself, exploded into wild celebrations. But the massive parties were cut short when the then Information Minister, Prof Moyo announced through media that Mnangagwa had been appointed to assist but not to succeed President Mugabe.

Wild celebrations suddenly turned into deadly factional battles that have already claimed casualties. Thus, Karangas who anticipated a smooth Zezuru to Karanga power transition woke up from their political sleep after 37 years to find that Zimbabwe is a Zezuru/Korekore dynasty not to be given away on a silver platter.

It does not need any emphasis that while the Karangas were snoring heavily in their political slumber, the Zezurus and their surogates, the Korekore, with the assistance of the British, grabbed all institutions of power making it almost impossible for anyone to subdue them even though a coup d'etat.

 The Presidency

The highest position in the land occupied by President Robert Mugabe of Zezuru extraction since 1980. The president is the head of state and government as well as commander in chief of the Zimbabwe defence forces. This is a no go area for other tribes. Mugabe is set to pass the button to his wife Grace Mugabe who is also Zezuru. Those who have shown ambition for this position have fallen on the wayside.


The head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constatine Chiwenga formerly Dominic Chinenge is a Zezuru and related to Mrs Grace Mugabe and almost half the top commanders with the rank of Colonel in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces are Zezurus, 60% of the boots are the Karanga. The head of the Central Intelligence Organisation Major-General Happyton Bonyongwe is Zezuru and almost half of the intelligence officers with the rank of Provincial Intelligence Officer are Zezurus, 60% of the boots are Karangas. The head of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri is a Zezuru and half of the police commanders with the rank of Assistant Commissioner are Zezurus, 60% boots are the Karangas. The head of The Air Force of Zimbabwe, Air Marshall Perence Shiri is the first cousin of President Robert Mugabe. Both are using Karanga surnames to hide their identities. Half of the commanders with the rank of Group Captain are Zezurus, 60% of the boots are Karangas. The head of the Prisons of Zimbabwe, Major-General Paradzai Zimonde is Zezuru and nearly half of the commanders with the rank of Colonel are Zezuru, 60% of the boots are the Karangas.

The Judiciary

The Chief Justice of Zimbabwe, Godfrey Chidyausiku who resigned this year is Zezuru. He was replaced by Chief Justice ... Malaba Matebele who is President Mugabe relative. The Judge President George Chiweshe is a Zezuru and half of the judges are Zezuru / Korekore.

The Cabinet

Nearly half of the cabinet of Zimbabwe since 1980 has been composed and dominated by Zezuru/ Korekore and half of Permanent Secretaries are Zezuru and Korekore. All Ambassadors in major countries in the world are headed by Zezurus/Korekore. The Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede is a zezuru and so is the Secretary for Judicial Services Commission and chairman for Zimbabwe Electroal Commission Rita Makarau, a relative of President Mugabe and includes the following relatives of President Mugabe, Chairman of Civil Service Commission Mariawanda Nzuwa, Minister of Home Affairs Ignatius Chombo, Minister of Mines Walter Chidakwa, Minister of Youth Patrick Zhuwawo, Minister of Lands Douglas Mombeshora,Senate President Edna Madzongwe, Deputy Police Commissioner Innocent Matibiri,Zinara board chairman Albert Mugabe.Almost half of the chief executives of the banks and other financial institutions are held by the zezurus and so with the parastatals.All strategic institutions in the country are head by zezuru or kore kore.

The karanga and manyika had their language destroyed and their political careers are contained and constrained and heavily monitored unless if they are deployed to kill or harass the Matebeles on behalf of the zezurus.

Political Power

Political power is in the hands of the zezuru who have even given themselves the moniker of unconquerable and will only change hands to a non zezuru or kore kore after some blood on the floors.Anything short of that is a dream.

After 2018 elections most commissioned officers in the military constituency who are deemed to be loyal to Emmerson Mnangagwa will be retired and replaced by loyalist to the soon to be President Grace Mugabe. MLO leader cde Paul Siwela made it known in 2013, that Emmerson Mnangagwa will be declared a national hero before President Mugabe departs to hell to meet his master. As the situation unravels in the Zanupf succession matrix , it wont be long before this prediction comes to pass. Watch this space.

 The Karanga people must forget about producing a president in Zimbabwe under the current political architecture not in a thousand years let alone in our life time.

So where is the power of Emmerson Mnangagwa ?

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Source - Israel Dube