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Mnangagwa pushes Zimbabweans to revolt

by Methusi Ncube
16 Apr 2019 at 19:16hrs | Views
The Zanu-PF government is pushing Zimbabweans towards an uprising following a fresh wave of price increases that have virtually turned workers into slaves.

The price of bread, a staple diet that most workers now survive on since most commodities are now priced beyond their reach, shot up to  RTGS$3,50 per loaf from RTGS$2. A 10kg bag of roller maize meal now costs RTGS$11,85 up from RTGS$6,30.

A majority of workers in the country last had a pay increase before the 2017 uprising/coup that ousted former nonagenarian strongman Robert Mugabe and ushered in Emmerson Mnangagwa from the same ZanuPF party.

In a snap survey yesterday, Zimbabweans told that the new president had failed and was pushing citizens to rise up gain.

"This government is all talk and no action. They seem to be daring us to take to the streets. I was earning RTGS$500 in 2017 when the bizarre currency which cannot trade outside Zimbabwe was 1:1 with the US Dollar. Nowadays, the rate has shot past the 1:4 mark in favour of the dollar and my salary still has not changed. The president hire planes for up to US$30 000 a day claiming to be bringing investment, where is the investment when everything is on a fre-fall?" fumed Benson Hlabangana from Gweru.

Mavis Makonese from Harare said working formally in Zimbabwe had become a waste of time.

"As long as you earn your salary in this cursed RTGS currency, no matter what you earn, it's useless. The government in February promised us cheaper goods by April this year but prices have in some cases trebled from that period. They should not hold us to ransom but should just come clean that they have failed and give others a chance to turn their mess around," she said.

Thembekile Dube from Bulawayo said very soon politics of the stomach will force people onto the street because hunger had overtaken most families.

"We are very angry with ED and ZanuPF who are out of touch with reality. These guys are looting the country's wealth like Mugabe and his wife were doing. I read a story that US$52 000 was needed to fix cancer machines at public hospitals to cater for about 1 million patients. They can't release the money but when they get ill they hire planes for US$500 000 to go to Singapore for treatment. Instead of releasing US$52 000 to upgrade hospitals so that they can also be treated here, they prefer to spend so much on individuals. Mark my words, the end is near," she said ominously.

"The truth is that our leaders are greedy and clueless and they know that. What they are simply doing is looting as much as possible before they are kicked out."

Source - Byo24News