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Sandra gets ready for roasting

by Staff reporter
29 Jan 2024 at 07:20hrs | Views
Talented award-winning musician Sandra Ndebele, who is also Councillor for Ward 20 in Bulawayo, has contributed a lot to the local entertainment scene.

As such, she will be celebrated uniquely on 17 February at Rainbow Hotel in Bulawayo, through a Roast.

A Roast is a form of witticism in which a specific individual who will be a guest of honour, is subjected to jokes at their expense, intended to amuse the event's wider audience. It's a way of honouring the individual in an inimitable way.

On the Roast, genuine praises and tributes of the guest of honour will be dished out in pulsating comedy with good humour, and not as serious criticism.

As the law of the Roast approves that the guest of honour must be surrounded on stage by friends or fans who can receive the same treatment as well during the course of the roast, Sandra Ndebele will also be joined on stage by people who have worked with her on different levels.

On the Roast panel there will be Kudakwashe Takundwa (Founder of Culture Magazine), Babongile Sikhonjwa (Radio Personality, Star FM), Ezra Tshisa Sibanda (Radio personality), Carl Joshua Ncube (The biggest comedian in Zimbabwe) as well as Sthandazile Dube (Poet).

Ntando Van Moyo, who is one of the organisers of the show, will be the roast master.

Moyo said this is the fourth Roast that his Umahlekisa comedy club has done in Bulawayo.

They have done a Roast on him (Van Moyo), the late Cal_Vin and Novuyo Seagirl in different years.

He said Sandra Ndebele has contributed a lot to the local entertainment sector as well as to the business sector, therefore, the Roast will be a way of celebrating her excellence.

"Sandra Ndebele is an icon across the board, be it business, politics, or arts, she is a newsmaker. She has a story to tell and a narrative to set. Because of that, we felt that she would provide the right content and also help showcase the real purpose behind Comedy Roasts.

"This event will be different from the other gigs we have done before as it launches our theme for this year which is "Amplifying Comedy."

"From the stage set up, and the panellists on board, it's a testimony that we are scaling up as we are aiming at providing only premium comedy events this year.

"On the panel, we chose people who have interacted with Sandra and who also understand Roasts so that we can give the audience a show worth their money. Each panellist is bringing out a different Sandra to the world," said Van Moyo.

He said ticket sales are moving well, in particular the early bird generals.

"We also have some corporate tables already taken up. We will be closing sales of the early bird tickets at the end of January and we will now only be selling premium advanced ones," he said.

Source - bmetro