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Rutendo Matinyarare drags Mnangagwa and his family into his contempt of court saga

by George Tshuma
17 May 2024 at 14:37hrs | Views
Self professed marketing and communication strategist Rutendo Matinyarare has dragged the President and the President's family into his shenanigans. Rutendo paid a visit to Champions Milling where he used the company as a cover to commit his acts of contempt of court.

Matinyarare knows fully well that Champions milling is associated with the President's family members and he used that to continue his defamatory and false narrative against Zimbabwean millers while pretending to market Champions Milling.

This bizarre twist of events exposes Rutendo Matinyarare who was reported to the police for his continued defamatory remarks against Zimbabwean millers. Matinyarare  sneaked into Champions Milling a mere 24 hours after a police report had been filed against him when he could have gone there several weeks or days before the police case. Seemingly undaunted by the brewing storm surrounding him, Rutendo embarked on a comical crusade, attempting to drag the President and his unsuspecting relatives into his tangled web of miller mayhem.

Matinyarare's escapade at the mill took a turn for the ludicrous as he sought to embroil the nation's food security in his misadventures. Sporting his usual grim reaper look, Rutendo's antics bordered on the preposterous as he unabashedly abused the President's name and reputation in a bid to justify his vendetta against millers in Zimbabwe.

With each step he took, Matinyarare's disregard for the court's orders became ever more apparent. The court had explicitly commanded him to cease his malicious and defamatory tirades against millers, yet there he was, waddling about the mill like a rogue duck in search of sourdough secrets.

"Matinyarare appears to be operating on a unique blend of wheat and whimsy," remarked an onlooker, struggling to contain their laughter at the unfolding spectacle. "The ill-conceived escapade will land Rutendo in serious trouble as the President has made it clear that he does not tolerate the abuse of his name , family , Office and reputation whether overtly or covertly as attempted by Rutendo Matinyarare.

"Rutendo finds himself not only in hot water but knee-deep in lawsuits, quite literally. Matinyarare has created a glutenous mess in the name of a crusade that seemed to be more akin to a carnival sideshow than a legitimate legal battle.Rutendo is not as clever as he thinks he is the people are seeing through him and everyday he exposes himself as the power hungry , narcissistic fraud that he is."

Grain millers have remained quiet on the theatrics and continued damage to their reputation and brands.

Source - Byo24News