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University of Limpopo students fully behind the wisdom of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC Alliance

by MDC T South Africa Province
25 Sep 2017 at 10:47hrs | Views
The student community remains one of our undistinguished pillars of the Movement for Democratic Change. In fact, they are the founding fathers of our movement. The constituency has remained faithful to the founding ideals of the struggle.

The Limpopo University public meeting yesterday, was organized by the MDC T South Africa Provincial  Organizing department, led by Trust Ndlovu. The meeting was a platform to engage the Zimbabwean students currently studying at the University of Limpopo. Focusing mainly on the Zimbabwean politics, the diaspora perspectives and the role of of the youth in 2018 elections.

In the panel making up the guest speakers was Tino Mumbeu, an Independent political analyst, Advocate Gabriel Shumba of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, a civic organization and the MDC T National Youth Assembly Commander, Happymore Chidziva, leader Cde Bvondo.

The topic politics in the context of Zimbabwe was touched by Tino Mumbeu, a scholar and an  independent political commentator. He started by expressing regret in the nature of the polarized and very violent nature of the Zimbabwean politics. "Violence which is mainly the making of the State and state machineries...." he said, " has developed a culture of  resurfacing every time when the Zimbabwean regime is cornered or when the country is preparing for general elections". He noted recent attack metered against the MDC T VP's business premises, the arson attack on MDC T youth Assembly's vehicle, abductions and persecutions of dissent, as the yard sticks that Zanu pf has remained faithful to its modus operand.

Advocate Gabriel Shumba of the Zimbabwe exiles forum(ZEF)detailed the work his organization is pursuing in regards to the diaspora perspectives and aspirations. He said as an organization they are not going to give up the fight for a diaspora vote. He gave a highlight of the work they are doing mainly in support of millions exiles leaving in South Africa. One student challenged Advocate Shumba and the  Zimbabwe Exiles Forum to also mount a court challenge to make sure that students and Zimbabweans in general, currently residing outside Zimbabwe are not left out in the current Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) program. The students argued that if it was possible for a Zanu pf Minister to register in Harare for a Matabeleland ward polling station, then it should be possible for exiles to register to vote at embassies and consulate across the globe. Advocate Gabriel Shumba assured the students that's the challenge  is going to be a top priority  for his organization.

The atmosphere at the University campus was self explanatory that Bvondorization was in town. The MDC T National  youth Assembly Commander, leader cde Bvondo left the student completely Bvondorized. The National youth Chair urged the students to define,secure and defend the future. "Students are people of influence" he said,and that as students they should not be passive but utilize that influence in urging their families and communities, not only to register to vote but to vote for President Morgan Tsvangirai.

In their interaction with Chair Bvondo, the students expressed their full support to the wisdom of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC Alliance. They said, even though they are far from home, such developments like the MDC alliance always put a smile on their faces and keeps their hopes for a better Zimbabwe within reach.

Students expressed reservations on the failure by the regime to realign the country's laws to the current constitution. Especially devolution, as the current centralization of power is negatively affecting service delivery in almost all local authorities across the country.

Responding to fears of vote rigging of the 2018 elections among the students, the youth commander assured the students that, just like the Kenyan NASA coalition, the MDC alliance has established an anti rigging team that will ensure the rigging system is defeated. "Zanu pf is a minority party and it will not be allowed to rig elections in Zimbabwe again" said the youth Chair.

What inspired us as MDC T SA province,is the continued regional and International recognition of our cause. The presence of the EFF student command in the meeting, who came in solidarity with Zimbabwean students, is a positive development in fighting dictatorship across the African continent. Dictatorship and authoritarian remains the modern day threat to Africa's peace,development and prosperity.

Salutations to University of Limpopo Students!!!

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Source - MDC T South Africa Province