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Man arrested over death of inherited wife's lover

by Freedom Mupanedemo
18 May 2014 at 09:51hrs | Views
A KWEKWE man, who had been appointed by his family to sleep with his brother's wife, found the woman pants down with another man in the presence of her impotent husband.

This did not go down well with Tinashe Muganda (35), who allegedly went berserk and stabbed the boyfriend to death, after confronting his brother over allowing another man to sleep with his wife in his matrimonial bedroom.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the rare incident which occurred last week at Born Accord resettlement area on the outskirts of Kwekwe.

The now deceased has been identified as Silas Chivi (54).

"I can confirm that police in Kwekwe are investigating a suspected murder case in which Silas Chivi (54) of Born Accord farm was found dead with stabs on his back. Chivi had an altercation with the suspect who was accusing him of having an extra-marital affair with his brother's wife the previous night when his body was later found lying by the roadside.

"Apparently the suspect was appointed by family members to be the husband figure to his brother, Kainos Munganda's wife, Emely Muwana after Kainos had hinted that he was no longer able to play that role due to circumstances beyond him," Insp Goko said.

A relative to the Munganda family told Sunday News that Kainos became impotent a few years ago and had not been sexually active since then.

The relative said they later made an arrangement that Tinashe becomes the father figure to provide Kainos' wife, Muwana, with conjugal rights.

"The problem, however, is that Tinashe is married and he has been staying in Redcliff and would only visit Ms Muwana to provide her with her conjugal rights occasionally," said the relative.

The relative said Tinashe got wind of the alleged affair between Chivi and Muwana and decided to visit Born Accord resettlement on Tuesday night.

"He got shocked when he found Chivi in his brother's matrimonial bedroom," said the relative.

"Tinashe was involved in an altercation with Chivi before he confronted his brother for letting in his wife's boyfriend in their matrimonial bedroom. The following morning, Chivi was found dead by the roadside and Tinashe was picked up by the police as a suspect."

Kainos confirmed that his brother was now playing the fatherly role to his wife but declined to give further details on the matter when he was reached for comment.

"We gave all the details to the police when they were investigating the matter after they arrested my brother. I cannot keep on repeating the same story. Ask the police, you can get all the details," he said.

Source - Sunday News