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Just pay them their bonuses, Cdes

by CZ
09 Mar 2017 at 07:28hrs | Views
Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, I only discovered this week that bonuses for our hard-working civil servants have not been paid since last year. I really cannot understand why this is so because those bonuses were due before the end of last year.

I sincerely would not want to believe that someone could be sleeping on duty. Were it not for the commotion triggered by the threat by the justifiably livid civil servants to go on strike, I would not have known that the 2016 bonus payments were still outstanding.

Considering how hard our civil servants have been working to make our Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation a resounding success, it is really unfair for us to be seen treating them like this.

What could be the problem with you Cde Patrick?

Last year, I understood that there was no money, but after we introduced the bond notes, what is the excuse this time around?

Anyway, I am not here to take excuses. Just pay them what is due to them. There is no need for you and Cdes Prisca and Saviour to be negotiating with the union leaders because bonus payments are a right, and rights are never negotiable.

Just do the right thing and pay the bonuses. I don't want to hear any more excuses from you.

Let this be the last time that annual bonuses are paid in arrears. These bonuses are budgeted for, they are not emergences that should cause us to be seen running around like headless chickens as if we are a government that has no experience in running public affairs for the people.

And it was also only this week that I got to know that our doctors were recently on strike. It should never get to that.

I assume that I am working with adults, who know what they are supposed to do… people who can perform their duties with minimum supervision. Do not tempt me to treat you like irresponsible people.

Please get your house in order.

Kindest Regards

Yours Sincerely



After making the most commonsensical decision not to fight over a barren party name, Joice Mujuru decided to rebrand her faction of the Zimbabwe People First as the National People's Party (NPP); and she called journalists to make the grand announcement.

Before long, one Amos Chiseri emerged claiming that his own political party, which he says was formed back in 1994, goes by the same name.

It looks like Mujuru might have to shop around for another name.

Knowing Zimbabwe the way most of us do, chances are very high that this dispute can be kept hanging until the eve of an election, when a ruling will be made in favour of the piddling Chiseri to the devastation of Mujuru & Co who would have invested so much in that name and would have to start all over again.

This country is not called Zimbabwe for nothing!

Dear fan of Dr CZ. Read this for yourselves:

A 26-year old Bulawayo man who was caught red-handed trying to steal a component of a digital satellite receiver has told a Bulawayo magistrate that he committed the crime because he could not stand watching ZTV.

Hardlife Chiraramire of Nkulumane suburb climbed onto the roof of a house in the same suburb and managed to escape after he was caught in action, only to drop his phone, which was used to track him.

Chiraramire appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Lungile Ncube charged with attempted theft.

He pleaded guilty and was fined US$100.

"You were caught in the act and have pleaded guilty. You have not wasted the court's time.

"You are fined US$100. In the event you fail to pay the fine you will serve 30 days in prison," said magistrate Ncube.

In mitigation, Chiraramire said he wanted to steal the LNB because his dish did not have the component.

"Your worship I was given a satellite dish set and it has no LNB. I cannot stand watching ZTV anymore. It is just boring and it brings misery to my household. I wanted to watch Muvhango with my wife," said Chiraramire.

This is what ZBC is leading people to do! Small wonder!

Still in the City of Kings Dr CZ was touched by a story that he read in the Press about this Bulawayo car thief who decided to do the right thing by confessing to his crimes halfway through a trial. Farai Mlauzi, who together with his accomplice Hloniphani Ndlovu, are already serving a 19-year jail term for car hijacking, stunned the court when he confessed to the crime.

"I'm tired of all these lies Your Worship. May this court forgive me for wasting its time," Mlauzi told magistrate Joseph Mabeza.

"We committed these offences. I told Ndlovu not to take the cell- phone (police used the gadget to track the duo). There's no way the police would just pick on us and allege that we committed an offence. God has spoken to me. I'm willing to confess and tell the court all that transpired, but before I do that may I be granted permission to pray," said Mlauzi.

Mabeza granted the request.
"God, creator of heaven and earth, I'm sorry about these crimes that I have committed. I won't do it again. Please give me strength to tell the whole truth during this trial. Amen," he prayed.

Soon after confessing Mlauzi asked the magistrate to ensure that he was not put in the same cell with his co-accused.

"After this confession Your Worship I don't think my friend and I can still live in the same cell back at prison. I foresee violence erupting. May you please arrange that I be given a separate cell from him for safety reasons."

What this chap did was to shame the devil and glorify God; something that even some of our so-called prophets, who are standing before the courts with an army of lawyers can't do… they instead swear one lie after the other after taking the oath to tell nothing, but the truth.

God is faithful.
Having played his part by shaming the devil, whatever the devil has stolen from him will be restored in the fullness of time.

He may still be physically in prison, but he is the freest person in this country, because his spirit is free.

He has made peace with his creator and by so doing he has effectively cast his burden on that creator, and no longer has anything to lose sleep over.

There are many of us who are physically free, but are in a big prison in the spirit.

We could be living in those many posh suburbs in this country, but in reality our lives are more miserable than those of some of the poorest of the poor in Epworth or those former workers at Chabwino Farm.

These are some of the secrets of life.

We are now being told that more than half of the residents of Harare are not paying their bills while government and business are also major defaulters, a situation that has seen council being owed over US$615 million.

Acting finance director, Tendai Kwenda, was reported as saying Harare collects between 45 and 50 percent of what it bills residents, a situation that was unsustainable.

The vote-buying gimmick made in the run-up to the harmonised 2013 elections, when all bills that voters owed to local authorities and other utility providers were cancelled in exchange for votes has caused this.

What is now happening is that these people are allowing their bills to snowball in anticipation of yet another windfall from the politicians.

Surprisingly, it is the very same residents who are not paying anything to the local authority who complain the most about lack of service delivery and the state of the roads in the capital city. This is shameful!

This is the net effect of primitive politics.

Very sad
The way the Phillip Chiyangwa-led Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has treated former Warriors coach, Callisto Pasuwa is disgusting to say the least. After expecting him to perform miracles in Gabon, ZIFA went on to end his contract as the national soccer team coach and dispossessed him of the vehicle that Wicknell Chivayo claimed to have bought for him.

Previously, Chivayo had insisted that Pasuwa should take the car with him since it was a personal gift that had nothing to do with his contract at ZIFA. Chiyangwa could not have it. So the latest position is that Pasuwa surrendered the vehicle, which is now reported to have been hired from a Harare car rental firm.

You and Dr CZ know that this is just a statement by some people who can't afford to see Pasuwa — who has not been paid for a long time — keep the vehicle.

This is Zimbabwe.

Dr CZ said it before… that Cde Fiasco is not called Fiasco for nothing… whatever he puts his paws on disintegrates… Only recently one of his schools closed.

Anyway, football is one way of wasting resources, time and diverting attention from real life and butter issues.

Now Dr CZ's prayer is that when the Madagascan, who Cde Fiasco has appointed himself campaign manager loses in the fight to topple Issa Hayatou, Zimbabwe be expelled from the Confederation of African Football, just like what happened to our world FIFA cup campaign where we were booted out. Once this happens, we are able to focus our attention on things that really matter!


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