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Why Shiri, Chiwenga and Mnangagwa are excellent for doomocrazy

01 Dec 2017 at 19:11hrs | Views
Entropy is a scientific word which theorises how everything is naturally set to die away. Even the strongest piece of metal has a finite life-span. But, for a piece of metal to die, it has to suffer from so many visible and invisible natural causes ranging from oxidation to radiation.

The fall of Mugabe after 37 years needed the Army. No opposition, election or verbal or sanction threats could rid Zimbabwe of that leader. After his fall, solar radiation took over. Radiation is an unseen player which has similar effect on a piece of a strong metal as corrosion. Solar radiation are sun particles called photons, which are electromagnetically transported from the sun to every living thing on Earth. While corrosion, which removed metal-Mugabe was seen, radiation cannot be seen and this is what is happening in Zimbabwe now.

Look, Mugabe was strong because he was educated. When he got rusted or corroded, everyone could see that his psyche was letting him down. It is Mugabe's instruments now, which have to die entropically. It would take long if they died by corrosion like Mugabe. It would take up to year 2053.

If you want to remove a very strong fool from the Army, you need to promote him into challenging post of a Minister. Ministerial job is different from the simply job of murdering unarmed Ndebele villagers. Ministerial job requires REAL education, real I.Q, not just mare brutality as is required in the Army. It needs someone who knows how to calculate and put into real life issues, the Quadratic Equations. If one can't do that, they would have proven that they are only good for Gukurahundi, and real economics challenges are foreign to them.

You see, anyone can pull a trigger and kill. But, not everyone can apply Quadratic Equations to solve National problems from the Office of a Zimbabwean Minister. Chiwenga, Mnangagwa or Perence Shiri will prove to the remaining Zanu lot that they have been nothings from the beginning of the Big Bang. Mutsvangwa is the only near-credible man there educationally. he went to a proper University at a tender age although he didn't finish.  He only has problems with bi-polar, but, without that, he is a good strategist. He also knows where and how to apply Scientific approaches in talking to various groups of Zimbabweans.

Mnangagwa with his "Down with Zimbabweans" mantra, has a chance to prove to everyone that old stock cannot revive contemporary economics. Their doomed mindsets will be proven on the open by every Zimbabwean eye as they run a "Doomocrazy"

So, removing Shiri and Chiwenga from the Army is good news for our country. The next Democratic Zimbabwean leader, wishfully Chamisa, will not have to deal with old killers who have no school at all.

This is how entropy will liberate us from Zanu. Accept Doomocrazy as a precursor to our long awaited Democracy. Doomocrazy will not last for two years, so be patient and keep clapping hands to give doomness to prove itself.

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Source - Multiverse Dungani
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