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LISTEN: Morgan Tsvangirai in his own words - But If My Death Causes

16 Feb 2018 at 17:01hrs | Views
Morgan Tsvangirai, a gallant freedom fighter, Zimbabwean opposition leader and Mugabe's arch nemesis has died at 65.

"If my death is going to cause the change that we are looking for Perhaps it's worth it" Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai, a protagonist to Robert Mugabe's antagonist who was credited for starting Zimbabwe's biggest opposition party, the Movement Of Democratic Change died February.14 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  After a two-year battle with colon cancer, Morgan Tsvangirai's health deteriorated drastically in the past few weeks.  Tsvangirai was a peaceful man who loved the Zimbabwean people and put his life on the line for them numerous times throughout his political career. It's quite poetic how he died on Valentines Day and his death on that day could be a message of love to the world. Below is one of Morgan Tsvangirai's most intimate conversations about the sacrifices he has made for a democratic change in Zimbabwe.      

Morgan Tsvangirai In his own words - Audio

I think the biggest sacrifice is the loss of my wife and grandson. But I also knew that those who have died for this struggle would have wanted me to continue. To achieve the goals we set out to achieve which is dignity, prosperity and for the people of Zimbabwe.

So yes at a personal level it was a great loss. They were moments on this long journey where I have lost an organiser. I have lost people who were desperately looking for some salvation. People coming to our head office thousands of victims of political violence.

Those were also moments of great pain because the burden of responsibility lay with me. What do we do for all those people who were desperately looking for salvation, looking for solutions? Some of the solutions, which were not there and imminent.  There were moments we were helpless. Remember that our struggle has been a peaceful struggle. It's not an armed conflict.

We were facing and confronting people who use violence as an instrument. And we were using nothing but the will of the people. I sort of shelved my own personal risk because I knew that they were so many people risking their lives for this democratic change.  Some who had already died as a result.  So I sort of suppressed my own personal fear and own personal security.

It's was difficult, sometimes your close ones in your family start questioning whether it's worth it.  Start questioning, "have you not done enough already?" you know. Is it worth it to go all the way to sacrifice your life?  And I have responded by saying they're people who have sacrificed anyway and that one more human being is not going to make a difference. But if my death is going to cause the change that we are looking for. Then perhaps it's worth it.

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