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The British betrayal of Zimbabwean people is not new

19 May 2018 at 06:53hrs | Views
The British since Zimbabwe's first elections have pretended to be champions of democracy to our nation. This is all fallacy. They don't care about people as long as their interests come first.

Prof Jonathan Moyo was spot on to say they are endorsing the Junta leader before the watershed elections just like the same way they feted Muzorewa. I was young then but I do remember the Bishop who was made a Prime minister through British help. As it was not enough they played a role that brought the deposed dictator Robert Mugabe. They never want Zimbabwean people to choose their own leader.

As if it was not enough when their poster boy became irrelevant by coming with disastrous policies that threatened their kith  and kin as well as their interests they moved on to the opposition party. MDC from its inception looked like it would be able to reverse uncle Bob's policies so they thought. Alas, this was not to be as Bob clung on to power like a blood thirsty goblin.  They had showered the MDC with money and all they thought would help it win the elections.

The political landscape has changed now, the party they had shouted at high voices all over the world for violating human rights has now become a darling once again.  What hypocrisy!

Is it about Gukurahundi why you think the Junta leader must stay on as our leader?

We all know how someone who occupied that office during the genocide period chose to downplay the extent with which people were being slaughtered for being Ndebele with Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the Minister of State Security.

He briefed the High Commissioner at the time regularly and the British government did absolutely nothing because it was black on black killings.

Let Zimbabweans choose their own leaders like you do in the UK. The way you are doing is like you are endorsing the Junta leader for obvious reasons known by those at 10 Downings Street.

Why is it people who pretend to be coming with solutions are actual part of the problem?

This is what is happening people, the money being advanced is nothing but out of their elaborate plans to maintain the Junta in office.

Just recently Nelson Chamisa was in the UK and after the interview on Hardtalk he has been attacked left and right.

Well, for your own information he is much better than Zanu pf which has destroyed Zimbabwe from 1980.

Roads are death traps, corruption has become a way of life, service delivery is in shambles, no money in the banks and so on. This is the Zanu pf legacy and we are saying the departure of dictator Mugabe was not enough, Zanu pf as a whole should go after the elections.

ICC awaits some people currently in power then the UK can host them like Charles Taylor's case, in one of the British prisons.

Source - AT Kadada
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