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The truth about Zimababwe economy

25 May 2018 at 11:30hrs | Views
Hopefully by now the nation has realised that the military Government is failing in its attempts to resuscitate the economy. What is even more appalling since the coup-d'├ętat, is the continuity of falling of living standards. I am more concerned about the economy because it is the backbone of political stability in the world.

The failure of implementation of reforms as required by the bipartisan parliament is a stumbling block to unlocking the economic fortunes of the mineral resources rich nation. Literally, all potential investors lack confidence in the current Government that merely changed its leader, yet the troublesome repressive policies remain in place to date. The 51% madness percentage demanded for foreign investment companies to part with as a way of empowering so called indigenous people has done more harm than good to the prospect of robust economic revival.

The options tabled are that without political change in Government the rotten system will remain in place indefinitely. It is the breed of corruption that the regime has struggled to fight and eventually opted to go along with looting white owned business, a good example is Mr Themba Mliswa who is a disgrace to the people of Zimbabwe. The man should serve time for being racist and for his illegal acquisition of a Zimbabwean citizen's property.

There is no country in this world that can prosper economically when harbouring tribal and racist card. Apparently, the greedy Zimbabwe hierarchy or self-serving ZANU is bankrupt of ideas of how to make Zimbabwe great again.

The scarcity of USA dollars is a clear indication of failures of this government. Well, the nation is aware that the look east policy adopted by his desperate predecessor never paid any dividends. However, the current president seems to be optimistic that such illusion and method which was meant to create loophole for looting natural resources with the Chinese. The relationship ended disastrously and acrimoniously with Chinese looting $15 Billion from Zimbabwe Government. Surprisingly, the less smart Mnangagwa wants to pursue the same ideology and policy, what a shame. Cry my beloved country.

Hope nothing but hope had overwhelmed the citizens and the global community when the so called new dispensation was ushered in, nevertheless, the living conditions have deteriorated and the methodology to be applied for its reversal draws blanks, no quick solution insight.

Well, the quicker the nation sees the back of the ZANU the better for the country and the world. The military is incompetent and inefficient to run the country there are only good at coming up with a solid strategy to stage a successful coup d'├ętat. The problem is not recycling contaminated water but the complete removal of the entire polluted water from the dam. It is true when they say birds of the same feather flock together, Mnagangwa has been the right-hand man of Mugabe since the formation of ZANU therefore their policies do not work. He is now a liability to the country.

The fact that he has surrounded himself with deadwood and the inexperienced military personnel speak volumes about being under siege and unable to independently make decisions since his ascendancy was as a result of military intervention. Thus, whether they are unskilled individuals he has to keep them in powerful positions as a payback for dethroning the nonagenarian who had stuck like glue to the presidency. Zimbabwe can be a successful country only if the military can respect the voice of the majority and keep themselves in the barracks, out of politics as stated by the constitution, which by the way is violated repeatedly by the armed forces and the police.

Source - Sibusisiwe Tshuma
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