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The Zimbabwe Kakistocracy

04 Nov 2018 at 13:26hrs | Views
A Kakistocracy is a government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power (Oxford Dictionary). This has been the case since 1980 when Zanu pf took over, a year which could have shaped Zimbabwe's destiny, but it marked the start of what we are experiencing more than three decades later.

When Zanu pf took over in 1980 seeds of corruption, mismanagement of the economy were planted and now the fruits are there for all to see. Corruption that is being exposed today did not start in 2018 or 2000 but soon after independence. One has to ask whether these people joined the war to liberate people from the shackles of colonialism or were looking ahead....the benefits of political power. Now the greed has clouded their minds that there is no more feeling for the poor who they hoodwink with crumbs.

The GMB, Willogate vehicle scandals, VIP housing, Disability compensations, water vets $50 000 all had beneficiaries rooted in Zanu pf structures. Dr Thomas Mapfumo sang on Corruption and to most people the word had been unheard of so the Zanu pf vultures continued the plunder with impunity.

The moment the former dictator, Robert Mugabe, showed that one party state was what they wanted was the moment of green light to steal and steal. The only reason a dictator would want one-party state is for obvious reasons.  Firstly, to consolidate power around himself with yes men surrounding him, without opposition there would be no checks and balances and personality cult of politics would be centred on the dictator. Some would wish to be Mugabe's son like Webster Cremora Shamu, some would say "Amai tose".

The entry of MDC as a formidable opposition party would mark a threat to Zanu pf dominance. It was not much about losing power they feared most, it was fear of losing access to state resources. Zanu pf portrayed MDC as a white puppet party meant to reverse gains of liberation war was their slogan to their village supporters and this was followed by farm invasions. It was a strategy again to prolong their stay in echelons of power to make sure the gravy train would not be derailed.

The strategy worked until they realized they would need another reason to be seen as the ideal party. Mugabe was now a liability the foot soldiers (war vets) now told the people. Fast track to November 2017 Mugabe was removed in a soft coup. The new strategy would be followed by promises of being a party that tolerated the opposition and so on. This was all meant to buy time as they would have cheated themselves into another five year period of plunder.

In all their plans one thing they have failed to rig is the economy. They put the bond paper at par with the US$ and it worked but the ghosts of 2008 are back to haunt them. Zanu of will never accept blame, they always have a scapegoat. Yesterday it was sanctions today it is cartels within Zanu PF. Will anyone stop the cartels or another gimmick to buy time?

For Zanu PF it is not about the Zimbabwe people but about a few people benefiting while the economy slides deeper and deeper. From the time of scandals that rocked the country from 1980 no big chef has been convicted, actually, they are rewarded for stealing by being posted to another ministry or whatever seems alright. No one has resigned after exposing of their corrupt deals, they scoff at whoever questions them.Honestly, a minister is alleged to have demanded a bribe then later he is appointed a minister of Home Affairs? How will he be investigated?

To them, it is about power not about the people they tell during election time that they want to change things. Zanu pf has given Zimbabwean people the worst ever form of governance. One can not tell whether they are political leaders or just modern day Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

Warvets is a soft term, for now, the way Matemadanda is making ridiculous demands for them one would assume they were Mercenaries. The country has no money but the deputy Minister seems to appear like he is from Cuckooland otherwise how does he justify those demands?

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Source - AT Kadada
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