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'Leadership is not about titles but it is inborn'

25 Mar 2019 at 21:34hrs | Views
Naturally, the Britons have a great affinity for honours. This is due to various reasons. Some were hereditarily bestowed with titles such as knighthood, Lordship and were compelled to add a suffix after their names. These suffixes included titles such as MA, BA or PhD. Some titles were meritoriously awarded due to academic achievements. It is because of blind following that it had become a norm that titles are synonymous with intelligence. However amongst those with titles are thieves, cheats and dishonest individuals.

It has become a norm in modern society that amongst the thieves, cheats and most corrupt are those with high titles some that were acquired dubiously from some  bogus institutions of higher learning,(universities)  It is common knowledge that in 1980 the cabinet of Robert Mugabe had highly educated individuals, amongst these academics, was Dr Benard Chidzero. Mugabe himself was the most educated President in the world but that type of education and titles did not yield the best for Zimbabwe.

What has dumbfounded most Zimbabweans is the dismal failure of the highly educated subsequent cabinets of Zimbabwe since 1980. This goes also to the second republic's cabinet which is composed of highly decorated military generals and academics who have no solution to an array of socio-economic and political problems facing our beloved  Zimbabwe.

It is because of the above situations that have been prevailing in this country since independence that the writer of this article argues that, *'Visionaries do not follow titles but courage and commitment to serve.'* Indeed politics need dedicated, committed and honest cadres who do not base their skills on titles but premised on humility, love, patriotism and dedication to serving the nation of Zimbabwe. Such leadership is not concerned about self but the national ethos are the driving force behind them. This has been lacking in Zimbabwe for a long time.

The late Morgan Tsvangirai had a humble and modest education but he espoused great human understanding. He felt for the people and managed to achieve great socio-political success despite his educational qualifications. This feat could not be achieved by those professors and PhD holders in the subsequent governments that have graced the Zimbabwean political space.

It is therefore prudent that as the MDC congress looms closer and closer it is necessary to evaluate candidates before being swayed by titles with no corresponding benefits to the general citizenry of our country.

*Honorable Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda is a Human Rights Defender, Civil Rights Activists,, Former Legislator, who feels strongly, Academic, Politician, Philanthropist of high repute who feels strongly about not to use titles to outsmart citizens without giving them corresponding value.*

Source - Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda
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