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'We benefited from Tsvangirai's strategic (GNU) choice' - we're stuck precisely because he sold-out

04 Mar 2021 at 10:38hrs | Views
There is no denying that Zimbabwe is facing a serious existential economic and political crisis. There is no denying that a national dialogue leading to the full implementation of the democratic reforms and the holding of free, fair and credible elections can help end the crisis.

Dialogue that will lead to the formation of another GNU with no chance of implementing the reforms is a waste of time; we must learn from the past.

Sadly, the country's two main opposition parties, MDC-T and MDC A, have learned nothing and are hell bend on the national dialogue for dialogue's sake or, at the very best, to produce a new GNU with no political muscle to implement any reforms.

"MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson, Clifford Hlatywayo, said it was already engaging SADC and other African countries, to help with the push for all-inclusive dialogue aimed at ending the country's decades-long political and economic crises," reported Daily News.

"MDC-T chairman, Morgen Komichi, also told the Daily News that they intended to approach the regional bloc to mediate the much talked about dialogue."

Calling for dialogue has become the excuse for failing to do the right thing – implementing the democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

Zanu PF has no intention of implementing any democratic reforms and hence the reason why the party has made it clear it welcomes dialogue only in the context of POLAD. And to join POLAD, one must accept the July 2018 elections were free, fair and credible and the Zanu PF regime is legitimate.

Chamisa and company participated in the 2018 and the 2013 elections knowing fully well that Zanu PF would rig the elections. Zanu PF offered the opposition a few gravy-train seats plus a cut of the annual Political Party Finance Act pay out – the opposition found that irresistible! Zanu PF knows Chamisa and company will participate in the 2023 elections even if not even one reform is implemented because their greed will once again have the better of them!

At the 2014 MDC-T party congress, Morgan Tsvangirai and his followers made a congress resolution the party will not participate in any future elections until democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections are implemented. "No reform! No elections!" was the party's new clarion call!

Of course, Zanu PF knew Tsvangirai and company would never boycott the elections, the party's resolution to do so was just a bluff. The call for dialogue and reforms is just another bluff; MDC leaders will participate in the 2023 elections even if not even one token reform is implemented.

"Quarrels are not working. Let us follow what Tsvangirai did. He went to the negotiating table to solve the country's crisis, and as the MDC we are going for dialogue with other political parties," said Douglas Mwonzora the new leader of the MDC-T.

"The benefits that Zimbabweans received as a result of Tsvangirai's strategic choice are now a matter of historic record."

The last GNU failed to resolve the country's economic and political crisis precisely because Morgan Tsvangirai failed to carry out the primary task of the GNU – to implement the democratic reforms and restore the freedoms and rights of all Zimbabweans including the right to free, fair and credible elections.

What is the point of the national dialogue if the key players in the proposed dialogue only pay lip-service to reforms, at best, or else outright reject the need for reforms!

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