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MDC Alliance... a hallmark of political Ponzi schemes

16 Apr 2021 at 18:20hrs | Views
MDC activist, Freeman Chari, launched an initiative to raise salaries for the so called "political detainees" in Zimbabwe and he indicated that the campaign has raised over US$400 already. The MDC Alliance has the monopoly of siphoning funds from gullible western embassies under the guise of promoting the so called "democracy".

The move by Chari to raise funds for the so called political detainees is nothing short of another Ponzi scheme, a trick which MDC Alliance activists usually apply when they get broke. We all usually question where the money goes, because more often than not, the funds disappear. The move by Chari is a political circus and is just a looting machine crafted by MDC Alliance leadership to prey on ignorant people's sympathies.

The leopard does not lose its colors; an excuse for MDC Alliance activists to gallivant with a begging bowl is always on their fingertips, if none is found, they create one. Once upon a time, there was an MDC Veteran Activists Association whose purpose was not as clinical as the name suggests. This association raised funds for the political con artists purporting to be activists. Everyone begged to wonder where those funds went because they disappeared into thin air and no explanation was provided.

Usually these so called political activists are con artists who claim to like the rule of law so much yet in actual fact they only weaponise the narrative to line their pockets. Makomborero Haruzivishe detained Impala Car rental workers and barricaded then into their offices and threatened to burn them alive. Who in his right mind would even consider terrifying people in such a manner? When the law took its course, dubious hastags were created for him and funds were raised in his name but the money disappeared as usual.

In 2018, Charlton Hwende was given money to pay for the hired stage, which they were using during the campaigns, and the money disappeared. In 2020, MDC Alliance made the headlines after Chamisa and Hwende squandered the tune of USD2Million. It is unfortunate that MDC Alliance activists have mastered the art of commercializing political narratives for personal gain.

One begs to wonder what happened to Itai Dzamara Trust. Funds were raised in Dzamara's name and two cronies; Dirk Frey and Charles Nyoni looted the funds in the same manner. It is not surprising anymore that disappearance of funds in MDC Alliance has become their modus operandi. Each time someone in their ranks get broke, a narrative is put in motion and some western emabasy/s foolishly finance those shenanigans. The end of it all, the money disappears in thin air and we have never heard any accountability mechanism within MDC Alliance's rank and file in regards to the missing funds.
In my memory, lots of monies were raised under the #tajamuka which was spearheaded by Promise Mkwananzi. As is the fashion, Mkwananzi bought luxurious cars and hired prostitutes from South Africa. It is the same style and manner that activism to MDC Alliance is a self enrichment programme designed to loot funds from the unaware sympathetic public and gullible western embassies.

Not very long ago, Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova made headlines for faking abductions. In the same style, monies were raised to quench their lavish lifestyles and Embassies donated money in their names but to sum it all, Maureen Kademaunga religiously squandered the funds, while the trio is rotting in jail.

As if that's enough, there is intriguing financial drama in the embattled MDC Alliance factions. Money was raised through Amani Trust and Counseling Services Unit but the funds never reached the victims. It has become public knowledge now that civil society leaders and top MDC Alliance leaders are the culprits in the looting of funds raised for one cause or another.

Source - Uncle Shumba
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