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How are pro-ZANU PF church leaders any different from prophets of Baal who stood behind King Ahab and Jezebel?

26 Dec 2021 at 08:28hrs | Views
Indeed, some may say, actually most of our morden-day Christian churches and their leaders, the world over, have become like the false prophets of Baal - who now worship the Devil, be it directly or indirectly.

I concur - since, as a devout Christian myself, there is nothing I find more troubling and painful than watching our faith being a mere replica of ancient pagan worshipping.

For what are we to say when we witness those who - in this day and age of phenomenal knowledge and spiritual revelation - still believe that a pagan holiday, meant to worship and give reverence to a Roman sun god, can justifiable be turned into a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Yet, that is precisely what the world shamefully (if not gleefully, for those who do not believe in Jesus as the Son of the Most High Jehovah God Almighty) watched yesterday, 25 December, when a significant section of the Christian community embarked on misguided Christmas celebrations, in spite of not only Christ Himself, but also His early followers, never marking His birthday, nor any one else's birthday for that original Christians regarded such as sinful.

To make matters worse, the entire Christian calender is filled with non-Christian - and quite frankly, anti-Christ "holy days" - which were largely incorporated by the Roman Church, mostly as a clever plot to smuggle in, and sanitize, their own cultures and pagan worshipping into their "new" faith of Christianity.

In that way, they could continue (though, in disguise) with their pagan worshipping and celebrations with relative peace of mind - as all they needed to do was merely change the names of their gods, thereafter replacing them with Jesus, or any other so-called "Saint" or Angel - and BOOM! they had a "Christian" holiday on the calendar.

In some cases, these Romans were so confident in their daring shenanigans that they never bothered to remove their pagan god's name - as with Easter, which was named after |Ēostre, a goddess associated with spring, but somehow is supposed to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Honestly, are we, as Christians, incapable of discerning what is going on, and who we have become - nothing more than pagan worshipers?

I will not even bother going into unambiguously anti-biblical teachings that have found their way into the Christian church - such as acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, and even remarrying of divorced persons.

However, what pains my heart even more - when I draw closer to home - is the clear resemblance between all these pro-ZANU PF church leaders (with their spiritually blind followers in obedient tow), and the false prophets of Baal - who stood behind King Ahab and his wife Jezebel, in there evil rulership, amd misleading, of the people of ancient Israel.

Are we to assume that the Christian community is unable to see through all these shenanigans going on in Zimbabwe?

How then are we to characterize a church leader who threatens to excommunicate any follower who does not support and vote for the ruling ZANU PF - a party that has presided over the destruction of millions of the citizenry's livelihoods, and has the blood of innocent civilians dripping from its hands?

What are we to say about church leaders, and their loyal followers, who continue to blindly commend a ruling establishment that appears not to possess any functional conscience - without any qualms ruthlessly and methodically clamping down on citizens' rights to free expression, as well as a just and dignified life?

How can we have so-called "men of God" who love hosting and being hosted by the country's ruling elite - ostensibly, organizing endless prayer and intercession sessions for both Zimbabwe and its leaders - yet, apparently without ever rebuking and calling out this same leadership for its penchant for looting national resources, oppressing the population, and even entering into dubious business deals that have witnessed the displacement of indigenous communities from their ancestral lands.

If those claiming to represent the Church of Christ choose to dine and wine with those who are clearly working against the same Christ - whose heavenly Father, Jehovah God, is love, and stands for justice and righteousness - then, how are they different from the false prophets of Baal, who stood with Ahab and Jezebel?

I am sure these false prophets of Baal also claimed that their support for Ahab and Jezebel was in line with God's commandment for us to submit to our leaders?

I am also convinced that these false prophets of Baal similarly spent their time ostensibly praying for Ahab and Jezebel - supposedly, as that is what God expected us to do!

Of course, Jehovah does want us to do all these things - but, as a God who hates sin, and the oppression and suffering of His people, He does not expect us to virtually "sleep with the devil"!

God wants us to submit to our leaders, as well as pray for them and our country  - something I personally do on a daily basis - but, He also expects us to speak and stand up against any injustice and suffering meted out on the citizenry by the same leadership.

As Christians, we need to be seen to be standing with what God Almighty stands for - and standing against what our Jehovah rejects and hates.

Let us not forget the gruesome and harrowing fate these false prophets of Baal eventually met!

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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