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Chamisa agrees to pay US$ 100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide?

16 Mar 2022 at 11:32hrs | Views
In his own words, Chamisa told a rally in Tsholotsho 3 days ago, "there is this issue of Gukurahundi. I told the late former President Robert Mugabe and the current Zanu-PF leadership that you cannot sweep Gukurahundi under the carpet. This is an unresolved national question which you are unable to solve because you caused it.  We can solve it." This he has said in all his rallies he addressed in Matabeleland so far.

Since Nelson Chamisa has promised to make Matabeleland genocide his first priority should he win Zimbabwe elections, he must meet our two demands which are as follows:

 I) Restoration of Matebeleland State as at 3 November 1893 and emerge and join the family of nations as The Republic of Matebeleland

2)   Pay US$100billion dollars reparations for Matebele genocide done by the Zimbabwe government through Zimbabwe National Army 5th brigade in 1981-1987

[16/03, 09:12] Pope: .......celebrated Matebele genocide and thanked late dictator Robert Mugabe and current dictator Emmerson Mnangagwa and other genocidist in government and Zaupf party before they sleep

If he meets the above demands in full then we will listen to him. However, it  must sink into his head that in no terms shall he choose the solution for us. We will choose the solution ourselves as indicated above and will not depart from it to be Shona slaves.  

It is not surprising that even a little Shona boy like Chamisa who was still in his mother's nappies during Matabeleland genocide believes that such a complicated matter is a small issue that he will easily solve. This is because Shona people have come to believe their own lies that they were appointed by God to lead Matabele people and turn them into their slaves forever.

Even Matabeleland genocide perpetrators, their hands dripping with the blood of our innocent relatives, believe that they have a solution for Matabeleland genocide just because they are Shona. What a shame!

In our last article we exposed this tired and annoying tactic by Shona leaders who shed crocodile tears as soon as they touch Matabeleland soil for sole purpose of gathering votes in Matabeleland territory. We are tired of this hypocrisy and pretence. It is annoying and causes more pain for the surviving victims of Matabeleland genocide. We know that all Shona people celebrated Matebele genocide and thanked late dictator Robert Mugabe and current dictator Emmerson Mnangagwa and other genocidist in government and Zaupf party before they sleep.

If Chamisa cannot promise to meet our two demands then he must forget about Matabeleland and concentrate on fixing tribal divisions within CCC that threaten to tear it apart.  

According to reliable sources, CCC leader and 'owner' Nelson Chamisa, is on the hunt for a weak, tame and Shona worshiping Matabele in Matabeleland to replace Welshman Ncube as CCC Vice President. Welshman Ncube is accused of being a "stubborn Matabele fundamentalist". We advise him to buy an air ticket in time and keep his bags packed because Shona supremacist are coming to kick him out of Harare again.
This is how they deal with Matabele people in Harare, Mashonaland.

They would rather split the party along tribal lines and risk losing elections than have a Matabele lead them even for one hour. Further more, we hear that Shona supremacists are guarding the CCC doors very tightly these days to keep Thokozani Khupe from making a come back. She is seen as a threat to Shona supremacism because of her Presidential ambitions. The position of President is reserved for Shonas in the CCC and for now it has been taken by one Shona, Nelson Chamisa without going to elections.

Shona people and their leaders must understand that that we do not want Shona leaders, we have our own. In fact we know how to differentiate between criminals and tyrants from Mashonaland who have a proven DNA of theft & corruption and genuine leaders.

We do not need their political ideas. If they have any at all, which we doubt very much, they must implement them in Zimbabwe and rescue it from being a failed state that it is currently.

We do not want to be misruled and oppressed by Shona people. We want to govern ourselves and develop our Country, The Republic of Matabeleland and turn it into Africa' s economic power-house within the first 10 years of our independence and self rule.

Viva The Republicof Matabeleland viva!!


Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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