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Boardroom coup to topple Matabele leader backfires on Chamisa

21 May 2022 at 16:12hrs | Views
When it comes to tribalism in Zimbabwe, CCC aka MDC and ZANU-PF lead. To put it in other words, ZANU-PF is the first anti- Matabele Shona project and first home for Shona supremacists in Zimbabwe and CCC aka MDC is the second Shona project and second home for Shona supremacists. Blinded by tribalism and anti- Matabeleism that seems to be fashionable in these two Shona supremacist projects, many in the above political parties are ignorant or simply do not care about the dire consequences of practicing tribalism in Zimbabwe.  

Tribalism and tribal hate as promoted and perpetrated by the ZANU-PF led government, has culminated in Matabele genocide and tribal oppression of Matabeles in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is on the brink of splitting into two states that will give birth to the Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland. Matabeles are calling for the breakaway of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe and there is no going back.

Those who think this is some kind of joke must ask themselves why, Mr Mnangagwa, in two of his rallies in March this year, referred to those advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland state as being possessed by the legion (many demons). They must also ask themselves why, in the same rallies, he threatened to "shorten the lives" of those who are peacefully calling the restoration of Matabeleland.

Beside tearing the MDC into many useless and politically infective splinter groups, tribalism has finally destroyed it. Out of the MDC rubble, a fragile CCC has arisen. The same Shona supremacists, the same tribalists and the same anti- Matabele leaders have regrouped in the CCC, making it vulnerable to the splitting sword of tribalism. What is crystal clear is that, CCC is not home for Matabeles, will not bring any change. It is following on the huge and ugly ZANUPF foot print of tribalism. The people of Matabeleland must fight to liberate themselves from both oppressive Shona projects, CCC and ZANU-PF.

The revolution is the people and the people are the revolution. The so called yellow revolution that operates without a constitution and led by unelected leaders is a fly by night. It is not owned by the masses and they are not even aware that they do not own it. But one Big Brother owns it. It is named after him -CCC- Chamisa Chete Chete. The logo carries his picture, so are the T- shirts and any other CCC material. What a dangerous personality cult being built around one person!

CCC is part and parcel of Nelson Chamisa. During rallies he is the main speaker, pastor and master of ceremonies. He alone does the talking and other leaders are called on to the stage one by one, by him, strictly to "greet the people" nothing else and nothing more.

CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa is worse than dictators like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and Robert Mugabe for they knew that the constitution was, is and will always be a fundamental document which a party must have. And that an elective congress gives someone some form of legitimacy.

Chamisa has no regard for the constitution, neither is he a fan of the elective congress. He capitalises on the poor masses who have been oppressed for a long time to an extent that they do not know how to choose between good and bad. They do not know the ABC of politics and place their hope on anyone who promises to deliver them. To Chamisa people are mere objects- a means to an end.

Before everyone's eyes, Chamisa violated the MDC T constitution and staged a coup to take power because he could not wait for the congress to be elected officially. He is not a product of the constitution nor elective congress but an over ambitious power grabber like Emmerson Mnangagwa.  And now, since CCC is his own property, he has decided to do away with the constitution and congress. Laughable is it not?  

It is in the public domain that Nelson Chamisa seized political power in the MDC through a board room coup that was very much influenced and fuelled by tribalism and fear of being led by an Matabele leader. Ably assisted by anti- Matabele Shona supremacist leaders in the MDC T, Nelson Chamisa successfully grabbed power through unconstitutional means soon after the death MDC T founding President, Morgan Tsvangirai.

We are told that the new party is Citizen Coalition for Change. What change when the party is building a dictator like Mugabe? What change when the party is operating without a constitution? What change when the party is not interested in changing the culture of tribalism, theft and corruption, violation of constitution and witchcraft that has split Zimbabwe into two states? Change my foot!

CCC is divided into two groups. The first one is composed of young turks who are hungry for power and success but are still learning the ropes and a few old people who worship Chamisa like a god. That is, Thabitha Khumalo, Charlton Hwende and others.  Amongst the turks are two ventriloquist's dolls, Fadzai Mahere and Ostellos Siziba who are cast in the game deception. They are struggling to defend a fly by night party that has no constitution.

The other group is made out of the old guard who are lawyers by profession. That is, Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala, Welshman Ncube, David Coltart and others. Look who is back! Madam Khupe is not a lawyer but she can stand and ague for her rights like a lawyer. All of them are not only brave but they have been in the political playing field for some time. Believe you me. They know dictatorship when they see it. They will not allow Chamisa nonsense to go on. It's only a matter of time.  

A genuine audio of Tendai Biti ravaging CCC as a "personalised and privatised entity" is trending on social media. And one can safely say, tribal triple CCC is an accident waiting to happen!

As for us Matabeles we do not need Shonas to lead us in Matabeleland, we have our own competent and capable leaders. We do not want to be part of genocidal, tribalistic and chaotic Zimbabwe, we have our own country, The Republic of Matabeleland.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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