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Mnangagwa officially recognises Matabeleland independence cause, talks about it daily

11 Jul 2022 at 09:19hrs | Views
Just imagine UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, threatening to shorten the lives of all Scottish people who are calling for the independence of Scotland from UK or Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez threatening to kill all Catalonians for advocating for the independence of Catalonia from Spain. It is unheard of. But in Zimbabwe Mr Mnangagwa, obviously not presidential material and fit to be addressed by us as President, has issued more than three chilling statements this year alone in which he threatened to terminate the lives of all Mthwakazi (Matabele) peacefully campaigning for the breakaway of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe.

In the face of Mnangagwa's threats Matabeleland Liberation Organisation, MLO led by Cde Paul Siwela is justified to assemble more than 30 000 Matabele army to protect over 4 million unarmed Matabele civilians without fear, without regret and without apologising.

What makes Mnangagwa and his fellow Shona supremacist think that innocent Matabele blood can be spilt wantonly without consequences?  

That the majority of people who live in Matabeleland came from South Africa a long time ago is a fact not a crime just like the shonas  came all the way from Burundi after being chased away for witchcraft and stealing.

That the people of Matabeleland, those who were found in Matabeleland and those who came from South Africa, collectively known as Matabele or uMthwakazi are calling for the restoration of Matabeleland state is not a crime but a God given right that all people of Matabeleland must exercise without fear. No amount of threat from Mnangagwa will stop us from demanding the restoration of Matabeleland. The only time we will stop talking about Matabeleland break- away is when the independent and sovereign Republic of Matabeleland is established.

We always hear misguided Shona leaders and their Shona supporters using such words like "we will crush Matabeles" or "I will shorten the lives of Matabeles", by Mr Mnangagwa himself. We remind them that being majority does not matter in a war. It is the skill, determination and bravery that counts.  

We refer the uninformed and shallow minded Shona supremacist to Rwanda. The world heard this kind of language like "we will crush you" or "we will obliterate you from the face of earth". Of course it was coming from Majority Hutus that make 80% of Rwanda's population directed at Tutsis that make about 20%.  At the time the Hutus were in control of the government and all military and security apparatus and murdering innocent unarmed  Tutsis just like Shonas are doing to the Matebeles in Zimbabwe. But when the real war came, both  sides were armed, the majority Hutus received a shocking and humiliating defeat from Tutsis just like Shonas would be humiliated if war would break out.

Coming back home in Matabeleland. His Majesty, King Mzilikazi, the founder of Matabele nation assembled a small number of about 500 warriors that conqured millions of enemy soldiers and warriors and successfully built and defended Matabele nation that exists even now. The sons and daughters of the warriors live in Matabeleland.

We strongly warn the blood and bloody Hutu relatives in Mashonaland against reading too much into this majority thing. When push comes to shove it would be real men that will come out victorious. Cowards will run for their dear lives and cry for dear mothers.

As Mr Mnangagwa is busy issuing threats to kill Matabeles and making it a crime for one to be from South Africa, is he aware that Shonas, disabled, blind, able bodied, educated and uneducated are now found in the streets, robots and every South African city? Some of them are working, some are beggars and  some thieves a trade that is popular with Shona people. Should the South African government deploy SA army to wipe out these Shonas or should the President of South Africa organise rallies and make threats to kill all the Shonas because they are from Zimbabwe?

That will be shocking but that is what is happening in Zimbabwe on a daily basis where Members of parliament, Ministers and even the president take turns in reminding Matabeles that they are from South Africa and that they deserve to be crushed forgetting that they came from  Burundi.

Mnangagwa's threats expose him as a cruel, irresponsible and very unwise leader who lacks presidential depth and a misfit who does not consider the negative impact of his utterances in the present and in the future. It exposes him as someone who cannot even learn from his own bloody history an unremorseful and unrepentant genocidist.

While the Hutus in Burundi are popular for committing genocide against minorities in the Great Lakes region, their blood and blood thirst relatives from Mashonaland who were chased away from Burundi for engaging in witch craft are known for slaughtering innocent unarmed Matabele civilians in Zimbabwe.  This makes the Shona people the only cruel black people in Southern Africa who have committed genocide against black minorities post colonial era.  

To the people of Matabeleland we say stay put and fear not. We have nothing to lose in engaging in a war with Zimbabwe but a lot to gain. We are talking about being free from Shona tribal oppression, being free from the fear of being killed through genocide and threats of second genocide, being free from abuse, humiliation, demonisation tribal segregation and tribal domination.

We are proud to further inform Matabeles that the minute Matabeleland would be announced as the independent and sovereign state, the following jobs would be immediately available and guaranteed:

The Republic of Matabeleland Defence forces would need 30 000 young men and women to work in the army and airforce

Matabeleland Republic Police would employ 10 000 young men and women as police officers.

Department of Home Affairs will employ over 3000 to work in the Home Affairs offices and ports of entry in Matabeleland

5 000 young people would be employed as correctional service officers

5 000 would be employed intelligence officials

20 000 Matabeles would be employed in the health department as nurses and doctors

70 000 will be employed as teachers in education department

More Matabeles would be absorbed in the private sector, banking, tourism, hospitality, manufacturing, farming, mining to name just a few. All these jobs will be occupied by Matabeles who will enjoy the sweetness of freedom for the first time after many years of oppression.

There will be enough for everyone. So the fence sitters must chose between oppressive Zimbabwe which caters for the interests of Shonas only and The Republic of Matabeleland which they will run and build themselves and accommodate everyone who lives in it.
Do you want to be a permanent Shona slave in Zimbabwe or a free citizen of The Republic of Matabeleland with the full right to life, employment, education, participation in economics, politics and free to practice your culture and speak your own language?

To Mr Mnangagwa and his followers we say only one bullet from the Zimbabwe army or Matabeleland Liberation army will mark the beginning of Matabeleland independence campaign and the official split of Zimbabwe into two states, The Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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