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Point of correction: Chiwenga not son in law of Matabeleland

09 Aug 2022 at 08:46hrs | Views
We know that having a husband who holds a high position in Zimbabwe or any other country can be exciting for others. And having a better half of your choice from any country or nation is any woman or man's right. However, attempting to parade your husband as the son in law of Matabeleland as a whole is political mischief that we will never accept.

We know Constantino Chiwenga to be the Deputy President of Zimbabwe and husband of one Miniyothabo Baloyi not every woman in Matabeleland. That automatically means he is the son in law of Baloyi not Matabeleland as a whole. Love, especially at its honeymoon stages is so sweet that it can drive someone crazy, but Miniyothabo, however excited she is, must desist from going around Matabeleland introducing her husband Chiwenga as the son in law of Matabeleland.  

Desperate power mongers, tribal oppressors and genocidists like Constantine Chiwenga are not shy to use personal relationships for political advantage. 

Chiwenga changes women like a pair of socks. Miniyothabo is the third wife of Chiwenga's. We wonder if she will go around Matabeleland to report when Chiwenga divorces her.

We would like to state it categorically clear that MLO respects private love affairs and the rights of all Matabeles to fall in love or marry anyone from any corner of the world. But Matabeles would not be held to ransom in the oppressive Zimbabwe political situation due to private love affairs. No no no! 

We have more Matabele women and men who are married to South Africans than those who are married to Shonas aka Zimbabweans but that does not mean that the whole of Matabeleland must become South Africa.

Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. We know that Shonas like our beautiful women. They are free to have relationships with them but the truth remains; Matabeles are not Shonas and Shonas are not Matabeles. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. Finish and klaar!

We also warn Miniyothabo against allowing herself to be used and abused politically. She is not immune to what is currently happening to Marry Chiwenga whose skin is peeling, leaving bones in the open. She is not immune to what happened to Grace Mugabe who spends her life behind closed doors. You are dealing with evil vampires Sisi. Be warned.

We are also aware that the late President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, incumbent Zimbabwe President and Constantino Chiwenga, Deputy President, have claimed to have roots in the royal household of Matabeleland. If they were genuine they should have done that in 1980 and refused to be involved in Matabeleland genocide. But alas these evil three who are now falsely claiming to be our relatives are the architects of Matabeleland genocide whose aim was to annihilate the people of Matabeleland and completely destroy the very kingdom that they claim to be part of. 

These evil three are the ones who are against the restoration of the kingdom of Matabeleland. They send anti-riot police armed with AK47, teargas canisters, water tanks and baton sticks to violently disperse Matabeles who dare to gather and install their king. This they have done twice. 

Chiwenga lied to poor villagers in Mfelabuso telling them that his grandmother doubled as chief in Nkayi and wife to His Majesty King Mzilikazi. We dismiss this lie with contempt it deserves. Matabeles were forced to settle in Nkayi from Bulawayo by the colonialists only after Matabele Kingdom was destroyed in 1893 long after King Mzilikazi had passed on. 

Matabeles cannot be lied to as they know their history. This distortion of Matabele history is an insult to the founder of Matabele nation, King Mzilikazi and the people of Matabeleland. The world wants to know the real origin of Shona people which is Burundi, why they left Burundi and how they found themselves in Mashonaland which is thousands and thousands of miles away from Burundi. But the Shona leaders are busy trying to distort the rich and well documented Matabele history instead of telling their own story. 

As Zimbabweans celebrate Zimbabwe Heroes day, we remind them that Zimbabwe heroes who brought about the Shona supremacist government that tribally discriminates and treats us worse than the white colonial Smith regime are not our heroes.

Our heroes are those who would deliver Matabeleland from the oppressive hands of Shona supremacists. 

Matabeleland is not yet Independent. We are not Zimbabweans. If anything, we are very embarrassed to be called Zimbabweans as this dirty identity is imposed on us. 

Izonzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs 

Source - Israel Dube
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