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A clinical test for the opposition

02 Dec 2022 at 09:11hrs | Views
Every institution is bound with the code of conduct which helps an organisation to run professionally and within the parameters of operations.

There are several sorts of codes of conduct which the opposition must implement including these five principles: integrity, objectivity, competence, confidentiality and professionalism.

As we draw near the 2023 harmonised elections we have seen members of the opposition getting loans amounting to $US40 000 whilst the economy is screaming. Principle matters.

The timing is questionable. The fact that there was no communication made between the leader and the MPs who got the windfall of $US40 000 raises eyebrows.

Emmerson Mnangagwa knows that he does not have any support to win the next year's election and has resorted to using any kind of unorthodox means to retain political power through greasing members of the opposition. He has instead dangled a carrot in front of these members of parliament which has been hard to resist considering the remunerations they are getting as sitting MPs.

It is crystal clear that they have been persuaded to do something by offering them a reward. A deal probably signed behind the doors. This is not new in the opposition. It's sad that the money he is using to bribe his way to power is not coming from his pocket but that's tax payers money. It's only in Zimbabwe where loans are given to politicians by a government using public funds.

Whenever there is an election such kind of developments are very prevalent such as defection which are driven and oiled by bribes.

Politics of the stomach has been hitting hard the progress of the opposition and leaving it vulnerable to chief vultures and archbishops of corruption and misgovernance. This has been a clinical test for the opposition for a very long time.

It is not only these MPs who have been lured into this kind of bribery. We have Engineer Elias Mudzuri who was once spotted at the state house meeting Emmerson Mnangagwa. I think this has been going on and on during the Morgan Tsvangirayi political career where some members of te opposition are easily bribed to stall progress. 

Citizen Coalition for Change as the government in waiting should lead by example and show the rest of the country that they are different from the ruling party which is known of being unprincipled, lack of probity and unprofessional.

The citizens are now empowered to weed out such career politicians and malcontents who are just there for self enrichment and making money on the expense of the suffering Zimbabwean. Primary elections are coming and heads must roll. If nothing is done to root out such kind of  behaviour sure the opposition will not see the dawn of a new era and Zanu PF will be there forever.

Zimbabweans are looking for upright and principled leaders who have an appetite of uplifting people's lives with high morals. Its so sad that the opposition has now joined the gravy train and not even daring to look back.

Currently Zimbabwe does not have any better leader to take over from Emmerson Mnangagwa besides Nelson Chamisa but the question is - are some of his member of parliament up to scratch or they are compromised?

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Source - Leonard Koni
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