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'We aim to win big!' insists Chamisa oblivious Zanu PF is rigging big, there is verified voters' roll, etc., etc.

24 Jan 2023 at 17:04hrs | Views
"The world is flat or round not because you or me say it is flat/round. It is round because the mountain of supporting evidence say it is round," my Secondary School teacher used to say.

Zimbabwe is well and truly stuck in this economic and political mess. 43 years after independence and the country is economic ruins, the four decades of Zanu PF gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have all but crippled the country's once promising economy. We are stuck with the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime because the opposition, the men and women the nation had entrusted the task of implementing the democratic reforms and end the Zanu PF dictatorship have proven to be corrupt, hopelessly incompetent and thus utterly useless.

Nelson Chamisa and his MDC/CCC friends live in their own cloud cuckoo land in which evidence, facts, truth and reality count for nothing. What matters in cloud cuckoo land is what Chamisa says!

"CONGRATULATIONS FELLOW CITIZENS…IN ONE YEAR, YOU HAVE EXCELLED. Change Champions, you moved mountains. Because #Godisinit you Won 19/28 MPs, 89/149 Councillors in by elections. THANK YOU;
-For your solidarity & support.

-For believing and supporting us against all odds. #ANewGreatZimbabwe loading. Thank you Our God in Heaven. You are so faithful!

We aim to #WinBig to seal the Presidency. 2/3 in Parly, & choose both speaker of Parliament and President of Senate. We must attain a majority in local authorities. Citizens, let's do it again! Come, #Thistime let us make it happen Big! #Onepeople," said Chamisa in his latest Twitter.

CCC members call themselves "change champions" and Chamisa is "Change Champion in Chief" and yet MDC/CCC has failed to bring about even one democratic change in 23 years, 5 of which in the GNU. In cloud cuckoo land historic facts count for nothing.

Chamisa keeps boasting about CCC as new political party when all he did was rebrand MDC Alliance. Most of the leadership positions in CCC are filled by same individuals from MDC A and the CCC candidates in the by-elections are the winning MDC A candidates who were booted out of the Mwonzora led MDC A.

Most worrying of all is that Chamisa and company are hell bent on participating in these 2023 elections oblivious is the political reality that Zanu PF is rigging these elections. Yesterday, Justice Priscila Chigumba, ZEC chairperson, admitted the commission has failed to produce a verified voters' roll but the elections will go ahead regardless. CCC will participate in the elections regardless of mountain of evidence the election process is flawed and illegal. The party will win big because Chamisa said so!

By participating in these flawed elections CCC are giving SADC the excuse to endorse the rigged elections and grant Zanu PF legitimacy.

It is all very well for Chamisa and his fellow CCC leaders, they after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gives away as bite. As MP one gets US$60k for a car and very generous salary and allowances plus the recent addition of US$40k for a house.

Chamisa will tell the supporters Zanu PF rigged the elections, something he has insisted would not happen, the morning after the vote. And the wildebeest herd and the nation at large will have to live with the consequences of yet another five more years of Zanu PF corrupt and tyrannical rule.

I, for one, am hanging my head in shamed that 43 years after independence we, in Zimbabwe, are still failing to hold free and fair elections. Tyrants like Mnangagwa foam and froth about white colonial oppression and yet are the ones denying their own fellow blacks the freedoms and human rights decades after independence.

For anyone to participate in any election without something as basic as a verified voters' roll, in this day and age, is as foolish still believing the world is flat!

Zanu PF is rigging the 2023 elections. CCC sold out by failing to implement even one reform in 23 years and are selling out by participating in these flawed elections to give Zanu PF legitimacy. Even the village idiots prone to believing every word Chamisa says must know these are the irrefutable facts!

Zimbabwe is a failed state and is not just Zanu PF and their CCC acolytes who have landed us here; we the people in our naivety have played out part. If we participate in these flawed elections and give Zanu PF legitimacy then we deserve to suffer and die as Zimbabwe sinks deeper and deeper into the hell-on-earth of our own making.

It is all very well living in cloud cuckoo land and believing this CCC's "winning in rigged elections" oxymoronic nonsense; it comes with a price tag to it.

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