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Promise Mkwananzi turns Chamisa's ship-jumping into a circus

29 Jan 2024 at 19:29hrs | Views
When Nelson Chamisa wrote his resignation statement from Triple C last week on 24 January 2024, a day he should have been commemorating the party's second anniversary, he effectively dissolved his CCC by jumping ship suddenly, abruptly and disruptively – as if he was running away from something he's afraid of – because in the process he breached and dumped the "CCC Constitution" unveiled last November; which he personally wrote, giving himself all power and authority of the party as its custodian.

Chamisa's abrupt and disruptive abandonment of his CCC that's based on a one-man-party constitution was not only all about him, it also left no doubt that he is contemptuous of constitutionalism, even when it is in his favour; as was the case with the constitution of his CCC.

Even a cursory reading of Article 7 of Chamisa's CC constitution, which is before the courts, is very clear that he wrote it to entrench all power and authority in his own hands, such that the party would be synonymous with him, and would not exist without him.

Consider the provisions of Article 7 of the one-man-party constitution that Chamisa wrote for his CCC, in particular 7.3, 7.4 and 7.9.


7.1. There shall be a Citizens National Assembly (CNA) comprising Cluster Leaders from across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe to champion the CCC cause and objectives tasked by the generality of Zimbabweans on the basis of their commitment to transformation.

7.2. The CNA shall be the supreme decision-making body of the CCC and shall have the unlimited power to make any decision on any matter concerning the CCC, constitution, documents, policies, activities, members, leaders, structures and representatives.

7.3. There shall be a leader and Change Champion in Chief (Adv Nelson Chamisa) who shall be the Administrator and President tasked by the citizens to champion, lead and guide processes of the movement in between sessions of the CNA until an elective citizen convention is held. The Change Champion in Chief shall be the chief spokesperson and chief representative of the CCC as well as the custodian of its documents, property and wellbeing.

7.4. The CNA shall be convened by the Change Champion in Chief through the Organizing Bureau and shall meet once a month and from time-to-time task its members and other change champions outside of the CNA to carry out key movement initiatives and duties. The CNA quorum shall be half of its members.

7.5. The CNA shall constitute Bureaus to champion various objectives of the movement.

7.6. CNA members shall be tasked to carry out key roles according to their competencies.

7.7. The movement shall function on the basis of resolutions of the CNA which shall form an integral part of this constitution and provide content to its provisions.

7.8. The CNA shall set up structures, adopt rules and make any decisions for the proper functioning of the movement.

7.9. The CNA shall have the power to amend the constitution through a resolution. Such amendment shall be effected to the consolidated version of this constitution and signed off by the Change Champion in Chief.

7.10. Nothing in this constitution shall be construed to limit the powers of the CNA on any matters concerning the affairs of the CCC."

After Chamisa jumped ship unceremoniously without convening a Citizens National Assembly (CNA) in terms of Article 7.4 of the Chamisa-centric constitution, which made him the sole convener of the CNA, the Chamisa CC ceased to exist.

At law, there's no Chamisa CC or CNA. It's now a shell in the dustbin of history.

Against this backdrop, eyebrows were raised by the circulation on Chamisa CC affiliated social mdia platforms of a letter headlined "RE: NOTIFICATION OF ACTING PRESIDENT AND CHANNEL OF CORRESPONDENCE", and dated 26 January 2024, effectively two days after Chamisa's sudden, abrupt and disruptive resignation which breached his own party's one-man constitution.

Below is the full script of the letter, a copy of which is attached, purportedly written by Mkwananzi, who has not dissociated himself from it:

"26 January 2024

Dear Sirs


Following the resignation of our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, this letter serves to notify you that the party has resolved that party spokesperson Mr Promise Mkwananzi takes charge of the party on an acting capacity until the conduction of congress in due course. This is a position agreed to by all key organs of the party. Accordingly, your esteemed offices are kindly requested to make all correspondence with and from the party through Mr Promise Mkwananzi.

Looking forward to a cordial working relationship

Yours faithfully

Promise Mkwananzi
National Spokesperson & A/President"

In support of Mkwananzi's letter, someone called F. Chinobva – signing off as "Director" – circulated a WhatsApp message to "All Citizen National Assembly Members", requesting them "to attend a must attend extraordinary CAN meeting tomorrow [30 January 2024] as follows:

"➡ Forwarded
Attention: All Citizen National Assembly

Good morning Champions

You are requested to attend a must attend extra ordinary CNA meeting tomorrow Tuesday 30 January 2024 in Harare at a venue to be advised.

Pls note only bona-fide cluster leaders will be allowed to attend the meeting.

Let's be panctual

Let's confirm our attendance.

F.Chinobva (Director)"

Later Mkwananzi himself put a post on X, effectively confirming the notification that he is Chamisa's successor, and that there would be an extraordinary CNA meeting tomorrow. Said Mkwananzi:

"Kindly disregard a bogus statement circulating purporting [sic] to effect changes on the leadership arrangements of the party. Tomorrow, a formal statement will be issued on the way forward. Thank you."

Tellingly, Mkwananzi's letter and X post got a push from TechMagZW, a handle on X known to be pro-Chamisa, which posted an amazing if not ridiculous endorsement of Mkwananzi as Chamisa's successor, which said:

"The new legitimate acting CCC president Mkwananzi as the party awaits way forward on the resignation of their leader Chamisa"

Astounding, and crazy.

Firstly, in terms of the Chamisa CC constitution, CNA can only be convened by Chamisa and Chamisa alone; not by Promise Mkwananzi or some chap called F. Chinobva or anyone else.

Secondly, Chamisa's two-page constitution has no succession clause. Chamisa did not want to be succeeded by anyone in CCC. Apparently, he hoped to lead his CCC, as its Change Champion in Chief for life.

Thirdly, and in terms of its constitution, the Chamisa CC party ceased to exist on 24 January 2024, when Chamisa suddenly, abruptly and disruptively ran away from his own party. No one can resuscitate it: it's finally dead like a dodo.

Fourthly, and last but not least, the circus around Mkwananzi's propaganda posturing as Chamisa's successor says more about Chamisa than about Mkwananzi.

The fact that the likes of TechMagZW are reporting the circus not only as a fact, but also as something serious that settles the question of who the legitimate leader of Triple C is; clearly exposes Chamisa's hand, especially given that TechMagZW is Chamisa's propaganda toy.

The reason Mkwananzi's circus of posing as Chamisa CC's Acting President is a talking point is not because it is serious, but because it has Chamisa's fingerprints, and goes a long way to show the lengths and depths he's taking to create political smokescreens!

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